Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blagojevich, Obama's secret weapon! By The Mental Pugilist

Now the Blagojevich story makes sense. For the last few weeks, I have been troubled by the news that the Illinois Governor was trying to run a pay to play scheme for Barack Obama's vacant senate seat. I have been trying to wrap my head around the implications it might have on our new incoming president. I have found the answers to my questions surrounding the sordid affair. My questions where as fallows.
1. It is given that Rahm Emanuel talked to Blago about the senate seat but , coming from the Chicago inbred cesspool, did he offer anything for Valerie Jarrett?
2. Why did Valerie Jarrett suddenly drop her name for the senate seat?
3. What is the meaning of Jesse Jackson Junior being named senate candidate five?
4. What are the implications for Obama?

All the answers can found with one person , Jesse Jackson Jr! Take a look. The Chicago Sun times is reporting that he has been an informant to Patrick Fitzgerald's FBI investigation into Blagojevich. It was reported that he has been doing this for seven years. He contacted the FBI after Blagojevich shaked him down for a $25, 000 campaign contribution after he was elected for governor in 2002. In return, Jackson's wife would have been named Illinois lottery commissioner. When Jackson didn't play ball, his wife did not get the job. In turn he went to Fitzgerald's office. You might say so what? What does this have to do with Obama?
Jesse Jackson Jr was national Co-Chair for President elect Obama's campaign. That means that he was a informant long before the campaign. When I first heard the Blagojevich scandal I thought, wow Obama dodged the largest proverbial bullet every shot! But know , it makes sense. I am sure that long before the Obama camp contacted Blagojevich about the senate seat, Jackson Jr. informed Obama of the ongoing investigation into the governor and warned him that he would want a pay to play scheme and not to fall for it! No wonder Valerie Jarret suspiciously dropped out the race! Jesse must have warned them. Know wonder Hard nosed Rahm Emanuel didn't offer anything, Jesse Jackson Jr.
Lets hope there are no more bullets and the Governor is shooting blanks! For the sake of our country!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pakistan may not exist by the end of Obama's first term!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, terrorist struck the Indian City of Mumbai. Now the attacks are over, we must ask ourselves what does this mean for Pakistan, U.S. and India? I predict that Pakistan has a good chance of night being around by the end of Barack Obama's first term. Pakistan and India are both Nuclear powers who have fought three wars in the last twenty years. India is already pointing the finger at actors inside Pakistan, specifically Lashkar-e-Taiba.
Let me tell you something you might not know. No one will argue that Lashkar-e-Taiba was created by the ISI to fight in Kashmir. What is even more disturbing is the CIA funded and created the ISI during the Russian war with Afghanistan. What does this all mean? Barack Obama has openly stated that Pakistan is his number one target. Osama Bin Laden is supposedly held up in the tribal areas. It is widely excepted that a majority of terrorist operations originate in Pakistan. Pakistan's civilian government does not control the country. The army and the ISI do! If India can prove the involvement of Lashkar-e-Taiba to the U.S., then look out. Opportunity is the mother of all inventions.
Barack Obama's campaign theme has been to be more diplomatic with these rogue states. Don't be fooled! Look no farther than his chief of staff Rom Emanuel. He is a American born Jew who volunteered and went back to Israel to fight! In the coming weeks, Look for India and Pakistan to ratchet up their war rhetoric. I can see a scenario where India, along with the U.S. decide once and for all to separate the Pakistan military and the ISI from their control of the country. Can you say mini nukes!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sanjaya Palin!!!!

Well sometimes the truth will set you free! Now that the election is over, Fox News's Carol Cameron can report on what every American already new, Sanjaya Palin had no business being a Vice Presidential candidate!! The latest is that she did not know Africa was a continent, nor who was in NAFTA. This only re-enforces ,to me, that I voted for the right candidate, President elect Barack Obama!!
This was the first time I have ever voted for a Democratic candidate for the highest office in the land. That says a lot considering I am a conservative living in Texas.
Below I will offer some suggestions ,to the conservative movement, if they want to regain their supporters ;so listen up!

1. Don't tell me you stand for small government , limited spending; then turn around and oversee eight years of the largest government expansion in U.S. history!
2. Don't tell me that you belief in limited spending when you turn around and run up the largest deficit in U.S. History!
3. Don't tell me that Barack Obama is a socialist then turn around and pass a 7 billion dollar bailout to wall street!!
4. Don't tell me that Barack Obama believes in redistribution of wealth then elect a vice president that participates in Alaska's redistribution of wealth from oil companies to its citizens!
5. Don't tell me your candidate has the experience to be president ; then turn around and nominate Sanjaya Palin!
6. Don't tell me Barack Obama's spending programs will bankrupt the economy when you spend 12 billion a month in a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with 911!
7. Don't let all the right wing radio hosts , day in and day out, hammer Barack Obama and not look at their own party in the face!! You just look silly and stupid!! In other words you got nothing!!

People like Sean Hanity can take full credit for the implosion of the conservative movement! You are becoming more irrelevant by each passing day!! If you really want to resurrect a movement I hold dear, You would rally around true conservatives like Ron Paul!! Not John Mccain and Sanjaya Palin!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

"I wonder how it feels to be on the wrong side of history?" By The Mental Pugilist!

I am a big fan of talk radio. I love listening to the likes of Glen Beck, Michael Savage, and yes Bill O'reilly. But some, like the ones pictured above, I often want to ask to my radio, "hey buddy, how does it feel to be on the wrong side of history"? Let me explain. Most talk shows like Savage and O'reilly talk about different topics from the economy to the election. They often talk about both McCain and Obama. They cover both sides equally and give credit and criticism to each candidate. It makes their shows lively and interesting to listen too.
I can not listen to the people above anymore. Their whole show is spent talking negatively about Barack Obama!! My god it is like the movie "Ground hog Day" staring Bill Murray. Every morning I wake up listening to the same song on the radio over ad over again. I want to jump of my roof! I am a conservative and enjoy talk radio. How can the producers meet with these on air personalities and go over what are the going to talk about? "What are you going to talk out today?" "Obama" , "Obama"!! Yes but you talked about that Monday?? How do they get any type of ratings?? Its like listening to the same thing everyday. Who can stand listening to the same topics and the same view every day? I can't!
My hats are off to Beck , O'reilly, and Savage. The cover a wide range of topics and from different angles. I have an idea, the Special Forces and the CIA should use the recordings ,of the above people, and play them to the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Talk about enhanced interrogation techniques!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Obama will be tested, first month" Can you say Iran!! By the Mental Pugilist

Wow , have you been following what people, in high places, are saying about Barack Obama's first month in office? Let me put it together for you. Collin Powell went on Meet The Press and announced his endorsement of Barack for President. What you might not have caught was at about two minutes into the interview, he stated that there would be an international crisis within the first thirty days in office. Ex Secretary of State ,Madelin Albreight echoed what Collin Powell stated. It doesn't end there. Joe Bidden said "there will be a manufactured incident to test him".
I was left scratching my head. Was there something I missed? Where there is smoke , there usually is fire. Have these people been briefed on an upcoming international incident? Do they have inside information from being ex top officials in government? Why talk about some fictitious event now? Then I read the updated intelligence estimate of Iran's nuclear weapons program. Guess when they are predicting they will be able to build there first bomb? January, 2009!!!!!!!!
The Pentagon has already briefed the two candidates on relevant intelligence matters in the event they are elected President. These whispers seem to point out that maybe we are planing a strike in January, 2009 on Iran. Think about it, Bush has no political capital to launch any strikes. Imagine Barack, the first black President announcing we are going into Iran. I think America would be rallied around his historic election and would overwhelmingly support him. I can think of no better time , politically , for a first strike! What better way to prepair the U.S. people for an Iran strike than for surrogates of Obama, the likely winner, too go public with vague warnings of a future crisis in his first month, and how we need to support the historic candidate! D-day Iran: update, January 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Yes Congressman we do understand this bill" Ya Jackass!!

Do we really deserve the leadership we have in congress? Last week , after the House Of Representatives did the will of the people and killed the Wall Street bailout bill , the senate went at it again. They took a 700 billion dollar bill and porked it up to a tune of 860 billion!! All you hear coming out of the hill was "the American people don't understand this bill, it is not a bailout but a rescue". Bull butter!!!
Let me tell you Barnie Frank. Let me tell you Harry Reid. Let me tell you Nancy Pelosi. We the people do understand and we the people will vote you out in November!! Do you understand that? Let me inform some people on what was passed. First of all, the argument was that we have to pass this so banks will be able to lend to people or else the sky will fall. If you are trying to create financial confidence in the market , you do not go on TV and tell everyone the economy is going to implode. You do not say we must bailout Wall Street or no one will be able to get credit. This only causes fear , panic, and silent bank runs! The morons on Capital Hill believe their bill will insure the credit markets will flow freely with liquidity on the backs of the tax payers. Not true!! If financial and banking institutes sell their worthless paper to the treasury, this does not mean they will turn around and lend it to you and me!! No where in the bill does it force institutions to extend credit. Most likely in this environment, Banks will constrict their lending and hold on to the tax payers money.
They want us to believe that there is strong oversight written into this bill. Not so!! I read the whole bill and the oversight committee is made up of a five person panel including Bernanke and Paulson. Let me get this straight. We the tax payers fork over 700 billion to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson; He intern, turns around and buys all his buddies on bad paper. He and Bernanke get to oversee his own work!! That's some oversight.
I am an accountant and a auditor for a large public CPA firm. The first tenant in auditing and Sarbanes Oxley is independence. That is you should never audit your own work!!! You will see , this move will sink the dollar and plunge us farther into a depression, mark my words. Didn't you find it funny that every idiot was shouting , they day after the bill was killed that the stock market went down 777 points; But did anyone mention, one day later, that DJIA went up 435 points? NOPE!! Pretty funny how that works! Or what about on Friday , when the bill passed, the DJIA went down almost 300 points. Wait a minute this was suppose to inspire confidence. It inspired that we are headed to the Amero and the bankrupting of our great nation. So go ahead and jump you idiots in Congress and Wall Street. Maybe Barnie Frank will start dating Henry Paulson and sink the whole ship!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, Congess does the will of the people!! : By The Mental Pugilist

I spent the weekend emailing the people in congress who represent me. I explained to them that the should not vote yes to bailout Wall street! When I heard the news that the bill was defeated , I jumped for joy. This was the first time ,I can remember, that I was proud of congress sided with the people. You will hear ,for the next couple of weeks, how they have to do something or else we the people will not be able to get credit at our local banks. BS!! I asked my friends and family if they know of anybody who has been denied a loan or could not make payroll and they all said no! Don't buy into the politics of fear. Henry Paulson wanted congress to give him 700 billion dollars along with the most sweeping change of power in American history. Then he was to turn around and give the taxpayers money too the same people who took enormous risks and bankrupted their own companies.
What a fraud. We live in a society where Free markets determine who rises and who falls. Why would anyone support socialising the losses of Wall street! Why would you let people take financial risk without suffering the consequences. There are many solutions to help our financial crises that does not involve taxpayer money. Keep in mind, we will have a new president in 36 days , who will appoint a new Secretary of the Treasury and Federal Reserve. Why not wait until these new people are in place to make a decision. Why give Paulson the candy store when he won't be here to implement the new deal. One thing the new president should do is appoint Ron Paul as the Secretary of the Treasury. Then maybe we will address the real problem and not the symptom. The real problem of the Federal Reserve artificially manipulating our money supply!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is going to bail out Uncle Sam?? :By The Mental Pugilist

Did everybody hear the news that America has officially changed its name? The senate passed the bill renaming America by an overwhelming margin. The new name is The U.S.S.A.! The United Socialist States of America! On the heals of the Lehman Brother's collapse, The Federal Reserve has decided to bail out AIG insurance. American citizens are know the proud owners of one of the worlds largest insurance companies. We are footing the bill for an 850 billion dollar bailout.
We are now entering the phase in American history that socialism is the rule! The Government now owns large American companies and vice verse. Today, congress has announced they are going to set up a trust for large companies to give away all there bad debt and we the people must bear the burden.
I want to know how much more in debt can we make our country until foreigners refuse to by our U.S. Treasury? How much longer before the world switches from the dollar as the worlds currency reserve? Not much longer!
What I want to know is who is going to bail out Uncle Sam!! All these government handouts are going to make our paper virtually worthless, then what? I have read a lot, the comparison between the 1930's stock market crash and what is going on today. I remember growing up hearing stories , from old timers , about the great depression. One type of story that always stuck with me was the stories of rich guys throwing themselves out the windows of ten story buildings. Today the story is a little different. The rich people are safe and protected by government bailouts while we the people are being thrown out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is the U.S. one step away from Enron

Is America turning into Enron? This week the government has announced that it will bail out Fannie and Freddie. Overnight , our debt has doubled! This is only the beginning. next in line is the Detroit auto makers followed by Lehman brothers. What are we doing? Free markets are suppose to decide what businesses fail and what businesses continue! You might ask, why should I care or aren't they two big to fail?
You better care because the Federal Reserve is going to print out billions of dollars t cover all the bailouts and we the tax payers are going to pay for it! If I owned a business ,in the private sector ,and I ran the company into trillions of dollars debt and took grave risks, I would be thrown in jail!! Our government is sending a terrible signal to corporate America that they can take unimaginable risks without suffering from the consequences! They could care less because they know "they are too big to fall". When other countries look at our balance sheet and they way we print money out of thin air, they are going to think twice about investing in America. The U.S. dollar is going to be worth pennies on the dollar when Detroit is done with us.
The big problem is the heads of The Treasury and Federal Reserve are all ex CEO's of these large investment firms. They can do what they want because their buddies will bail them out.

Why is our losses becoming socialized? Why is our economy turning into an Enron house of cards? Make no mistake, we didn't bailout regular folks, we bailed out people like China and Middle East countries who bought all of our bad debt!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

"Palin" The straight talk express might just have had a blowout" : By The Mental Pugilist

John McCain has only meet this women once in his life and know she could be one heart beat away from the presidency! What on God's green earth was he thinking? I am convinced that like economics, he did not do very well in math either! On the surface, it looked to me that he was trying to steal the thunder from Obama and court disgruntled Hillary supporters.
Let me help Senator McCain out. Your campaign should be geared toward the overall outcome and not the trend of the day. In November , no one is going to remember who Hillary Clinton is! Why pick a running mate who is ripe for the picking for scandal? Let me explain. She is the governor of a state that is even more corrupt than Louisiana!! Contrary to popular belief, In her run for the governorship of Alaska, she did support the bridge to nowhere. Governor Palin also put pressure on the state police to fire a trooper, who had recently divorced her sister. As far as McCain's math, lets say you have a pool of 200 million voters, why would you target such a thin slice of voters, such as women who are Democrats??
The argument goes, she is a person who has all the conservative values such as family values, small government, and reform. Think about that? That might be the dumbest argument of them all. If I described the VP as I did above and substituted the picture of Romney or an number of republican contenders, you would have the same person. The only difference would be that they have been vetted! Karl Rove better get on the phone with his skywalker "Steve Schmidt" and right the ship. My prediction, this is only the beginning of stories of scandal you will hear about Sarah Palin. Can you say Ted Stevens! Mccain should have said Ron Paul!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC "Is Journalm Dead? " By The Mental Pugilist

"Are you ready to rumble" The DNC should get Michael Buffer to kick of their convention with his trademark call. I am sitting here flipping between Fox, CNN , and MSNBC's coverage and would like to offer my observations. Is Journalism dead? I can not remember ,a time in my life, when watching the news you had to be so cognoscente of what media outlet is telling the story in order to decide the slant of the news. The fact is so magnetised watching the DNC coverage that its a sad joke! Its is really funny to watch.

I have been watching the DNC coverage. Here is an experiment, Watch CNN for twenty minutes and then watch Fox for twenty minutes. Look for what guests they have on. Look for what type of followup questions each anchor asks. Below is what I found.
CNN: (1) All Anchors never challenge pro-Obama guests but tend to agree. (2) There guest tend to be pro-Obama, and the guests who are anti-Obama are challenged by anchors at every turn. (3) You will never see Jerome Corsi on CNN!

FOX: (1) Their anchors look like fish out of water. They might give equal airtime to guests , but every time a pro-Obama guest praises him , they interject McCain back into the conversation and praise him or let people on set praise him. (2) More airtime to guests who are Anti-Obama! Prime example, "Bill Eyebrow surgery Hemmer" interviews the author of "the case against Barack Obama" He lets him go on and on about his research and only asks one follow question to challenge him. Do you think this author will be showing up on CNN anytime soon? NOT!

What they both should do is just stick to reporting the convention and the back stories going on in Denver. Lord knows there are tones of these juicy angles when the Clintons are involved!! Another thing I noticed is that when any male Clinton supporter or delegate are interviewed, they are all characteristically Afeminine!! Why? Another great exercise you should do is in about a week, go to the store and by a fox and CNN sticker. Once the DNC starts, put the Fox sticker over the CNN label on TV when watching CNN and when watching Fox, put the CNN sticker on the Fox label on TV. There coverage will be exact opposite of this in a week!! Makes me laugh!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Short List" Just not mine!! By The Mental Pugilist!

This weekend, Barack Obama took another step toward becoming the next President of the United States, He did not choose Scary Hillary Clinton to be his Vice President! I am tickled pink at the aspect of watching a Democratic National Covention with a women scorned and all her followers trying to wreck havoic on the convention. Not to mention her husband, in recent weeks who could not bring himself, on national television, to say he believed Obama was ready to be president, is going to be a key note speaker.
There is even more juicy news that Hillary Clinton didn't even get a veeting! How funny!! My sources tell me that from day one , Michelle Obama , nixed the idea of Hillary or Bill ever being on the ticket.
For all the pundets out there that have been saying that Hillary would be a great choice, let me explain something. You really need to read some polling data. Hillary negatives, (Negatives= out of the people polled, they would not vote for this person under any cirumstances) where above fifty percent!! That means , if you choose her, you would already eliminate half of America from voting for you. Why would you do this to satisfy 10 percent of the blue hairs in the Democratic party? I would worry more about independence and Republicans who might vote for you instead of the Blue hairs living in Florida.
Joe Biden is a perfect pic for Obama. Senator Biden can thank Russia for his VP Pic! Joe Biden is an independent thinker and will bolster Obama's foreign policy and experience chops.
Grab you popcorn and get ready for the sparks to fly in Denver!! I can't wait to see Bill's bonny fingure or the hords of old women and effeminate males trying to out yell Obama Supporters and demanding That Hillary have a vote on the floor. Whats the over and under on what day will Bill Clinton have a blow up with the media? I say day 1!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I looked into his eyes and saw a stone cold killer" :By The Mental Pugilist!

By now, everyone in America has herd that Georgia has been invaded! No I don't mean Georgia the land of confederate flags and Copenhagen. I am talking about The Republic of Georgia, which is a strategic Baltic country located on the border of Russia. First things first, how did this whole mess start? It is been widely reported that Georgia went in to South Ossetia and started the war. While this fact is true, one that seems not to get much play in the media is that for weeks before the incursion, Georgia proper was being shelled constantly by Russians in South Ossetia.
Now let me ask you, Imagine you lived in Texas. For weeks on end, a group of Mexicans in Dallas have been planting bombs in buildings in Austin. Finally, The Texas Department of Public Safety and The Texas Rangers moved into Dallas and stopped the Mexican nationals. Would you be ok with the Mexican army arriving in Dallas claiming to be protecting its citizens. This is what is occurring in Georgia in a nutshell.
Russia's rise back to a supper power can be directly linked to its abundance of oil and natural gas. Europe relies on a Russian natural gas pipeline to supply the whole of Europe. They are notorious for using their energy monopoly to influence Europe and other Baltic states. America is a close ally of Georgia. They have helped them build a strategic natural gas and oil pipeline that would deny Russia's monopoly. You always hear that various wars are about oil, this one definitely is!
This is what shocks me. American defense officials had said that they where surprised by the swiftness of Russia's offensive. What? This doesn't make sense. For the past several years we have had military advisers and contract workers inside Georgia training their army. Also, for those of you who are unaware, The CIA has a large station inside The Republic of Georgia! Therefore , it is unfathomable to believe we where unaware of Russia massing troops on the border or that Georgia was going to go into South Ossetia. it appears this is a complicated game of chess between Russia and America where one of the rooks in this game might be Iran.

Operation Brimstone was just completed about a week ago. This was a joint exercise between America , France , and Germany. The exercise was a practice run at a naval blockade. Can you say Iran? Last week, The U.S. sent another two battle groups toward the Persian Gulf. They should have be arriving as we speak. This makes five strike groups, the largest naval armada since WWII! Do you think the breakout of hostilities in Georgia is just a coincidence?

I wonder if President Bush would like to take back his statements made about looking into Putin's eyes? Lets call a spade a spade. Putin is or was the head of the KGB. That alone makes him a stone cold killer. This is what makes me nervous. America is sending military troops into Georgia for "humanitarian purposes". This means two nuclear super powers will be swapping spit in a pond called The Black Sea! This should make everybody nervous! Remember , in the game of chess, you are willing to sacrifice some pawns in order to checkmate the Queen! I wonder who is the better chess player Bush or Putin?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hillary, why are you so bitter? : By The Mental Pugilist

With the DNC just three weeks away, Bill and Hillary Clinton are at it again! Her defeat in the Democratic primary seems to be a pill she is still having a hard time swallowing. Bill was recently interviewed on a trip in Africa. He was asked if he thought Obama was ready to be president? His response was Luke warm to say the least. He said "no one is really prepared to become president". He added he was not a racist! Thanks for telling us that.
Hillary Clinton can not help but show her true colors. She had a recent rally with her supporters that has made it to you tube. When she was asked about having a vote for her at the convention, she remarked " I think it makes us stronger if all our voices are herd". What a crock! Don't believe all the unity talk that Bill an Hillary are saying. If Hillary wanted to unite behind Obama wouldn't she answer " no no, that is not necessary. We all need to go to the convention and back Obama".
Its interesting to note the timing of their comments. One of the agreements worked out at the end of the primary was Obama would help Hillary pay off her debt. So far she is still waiting for the majority of the money from Barrack. She decides to speak up only after it is clear that there is no chance of her as the Vice President. Make no mistake, she could care less about party unity. She is in it for herself. Hillary is salivating at the chance to sink the U.S.S. Obama. Her gaze is firmly fixed on 2012. If Obama losses, she would love to say "see I told you he couldn't win". Isn't the world suppose to end in 2012? I guess it would if Hillary Clinton is elected president!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Orwellian Olympics! : By The Mental Pugilist

With the Olympics just two days away, I find myself thinking about the people of China and how it will effect them. As I sit in Dallas freely typing on my computer with my sharpi dog "rehab" sound asleep under my desk, I wonder how free will the media by to express themselves at the Olympics. As I sit hear enjoying the 100 degree summer of Texas in relevant peace, I wonder how many people have been rounded up in Beijing and sent out of the city. People ranging from activist, cripples to street beggars. All in the name of cleaning up the streets. Reading all the news reports I can't help but imagine what an Orwellian Olympics we are going to witness.
George Bush did his best in Thailand to speak out against human rights violations and freedoms that the communist party deny to the Chinese people. It is a sad sad world when America is left limp wristed when it comes to influencing China and its human rights policy. America and its multi milion dollar sponsors have giving tacit approval to China's coming out party! George Bush plans to attend the Olympic ceremonies. What message is that sending.
You might wonder why we can do very little to effect Chinese policy. The true reason is because, on paper China owns use, literally! The paper I speak of are Federal Reserve notes! China is the single country that owns the most amounts of our Treasury notes. In other words the are financing our debt and sustaining America's cult of consumerism. We rely on China to finance one third of are debt. Many suggest the reason we do not take a harder line is that they could turn in all there reserve notes and wreck our economy. That's bull. China needs our country because we are their largest consumer of their cheap lead filled products that keep their economy growing by leaps and bounds.
China knows that they have us by the shorts and could care less about what we think of Tibet and other issues. It always amazes me how the Bush administration's cornerstone policy is the spreading of democracy and freedom. Yet we are hunky dory with allies like Egypt , Saudi Arabia, and any of the Emirates who are ruled by monarchies or dictators. They are not exactly democratic! When you watch Michael Phelps win is eight gold medals in a grand new swimming arena, You should wonder how many poor families were left homeless in order to construct it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Iraq! GIVE ME OIL NOW! :By The Mental Pugilist

With the Presidential election looming just three months away, the nightly news coverage has been dominated by the various issues that America faces and the candidates stances on them. Energy is a huge problem that every American feels with four dollar a gallon gasoline. The economy and the U.S. dollar are second to none in importance to what we must overcome. One issue that effects all of the above topics that most politicians do not talk about is how much money we have spent in Iraq and how it contributes to the gutting of the U.S. dollar.

Let me tell you a little secret, You might think that all the wallstreet bailouts, government programs, or stimulus packages contribute the most to our national debt and the erosion of the dollar but you would be wrong! politicians can talk all day long about taxing oil companies on windfall profits or giving out more stimulus checks as a remedy to our economy. Do not listen, this all B.S. The single biggest drain on our economy is not the home mortgage mess either! The biggest drain is how much we have been spending for a war in Iraq! Ask your friends this questions and I bet no one would say the war.
We have been in Iraq for nearly fives years. The tax payers are spending 12.3 billion dollars a month to help the Iraq's construct and rebuild their country. One could argue the necessity of the invasion and spending for the future security of America. But, one can not argue with the newly released U.S. government Audit of Iraq's revenue!

Currently Iraq is racking in more oil revenue than you can shake a stick at! They are estimated to have an 80 billion dollar surplus! Whats that? We are footing the bill while they are swimming in a surplus of money. Whats that? We are reconstituting their economy for free while we at home pay $4 per gallon gasoline. Whats that? Inflation is on the rise in my country because we are growing our national debt while Iraq has been swimming in petro dollars! Is there something wrong here?
After reading the audit report , I think it is time to introduce a real energy plan. Candidates, feel free to use my plan. This plan would help solve many problems on many fronts and this plan does not involve inflating tires or drilling of the coast of California. America should demand that Iraq repay roughly one third of our monthly expenditures with barrels of oil. This would alleviate high energy prices that are killing the middle class. Dumping these barrels of oil into the U.S. market would dramatically reduce the price of gas in the short term. Why has no Presidential candidate talked about the reason we are paying another country to rebuild when they have government surpluses? It is Insane!

This is a great idea that we should implement for our cost of being in Iraq for five years! Besides wasn't it Ryan Crocker who said "Iraq's oil revenue will pay for rebuilding"!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama, Why hasn't he hit a walk off homer yet? : By The Mental Pugilist

Well, the whirlwind world tour has finally come to an end. The oversees trip saw Barrack Obama in the middle east as well as stops in Germany and France. All leave the talking heads to dissect what he did and did not do right. One thing that stuck out to me was while I watched him on stage and meeting with different leaders, he really looked very presidential! Every time he speaks he reminds me of old footage of John F Kennedy. That said, why has he not translated his stardom to a double digit lead against the old war horse? With the Republican name in the toilet, he should be crossing home plate after hitting a grand slam homer to win it in the ninth!

Recent Gallop and Wall street journal polls only have him with a five or six point lead. So what is the reason for this? John McCain hasn't exactly ran a brilliant campaign. I think there are many factors to consider. First of all, one of the worst things a presidential candidate can talk about during an economic down turn is raising taxes. No matter what your strip is politically, no one likes to here talk about raising taxes across the board. Obama has stated the need to raise taxes which many think will stifle growth. His friends in congress are not giving him any help. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have continually blocked a vote in the senate on off shore drilling. The problem with this is most Americans favor drilling and some kind of plan for relieving high gas prices. Only the leaders of the Democratic party could manage to blow such a sure win in the White House. Did you notice how crappy Nancy Pelosi's new book is doing on Amazon? I think one book ahead of hers is "why Samone Spawn"! That should give you a clue.

If I where Barrack Obama, I would distance myself from the leaders of the Democratic party. I would make and effort to sharpen the substance of my views on relevant issues. Every American loves the idea of a candidate of change but, the message of change can only carry you so long. Especially a campaign that is almost two years long.
This Sunday I herd Lindsey Graham on the Fox news Sunday show. He was going on and on about how Barrack Obama is using the race card from the bottom of the deck. He talked about the comment Obama made about how the Republicans would tell you that his name was funny in order to scare you. Mr. Graham commented that no of these things where happening. I wonder if Lindsey has been living on earth for the last few months. Every right wing radio show I listen to from Laura Ingram, Glenn Beck on down the line have called the candidate Barrack Hussein Obama at every turn. It is funny to listen to these guys because you can hear it in their voices, the frustration setting in that they are not going to be able to stop Obama and that their candidate sucks. With so much going on in the world, it amazes me that every one of them, every day, talk of the same subject, Barrack Obama!! It gets old! I am a big fan of the above mentioned hosts but it, is getting really repetitive and stupid.
I voted for Barrack Obama in my states primary. I love his message of hope and like the Idea of new blood in the White House. I just wish he wasn't so liberal! One prediction that you can take to the bank and cash it in for Euros is that Obama will win in a landslide. Like Ben Stein said " many white voters will end up voting for Obama because of liberal white guilt. Guilt for the sins of our fathers". I wish the Republicans had a better alternative but Their candidate John SYDNEY McCain has been in congress for 100 years and has done nothing. He is part of the reason where are in a mess today.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Terrorist threat? Fact or Fiction? By The Mental Pugilist

For the past several months, the media has been speculating about an attack on Iran and its nuclear installations. In these conversations they have also mentioned the various surrogate terrorist organizations that they sponsor throughout the middle east. I recently read the book "Atomic Iran" by Jerome Corsi. It is a great book if you are interested in the history of Iran and its relationship to the U.S. All of this got me to thinking how big of a threat are terrorist to strike the United States.

I took a practical approach to the problem by looking at the rhetoric coming out of our government and compared it to the actions taken to see if they matched the threat. What I found was disturbing! All will use a scenario to demonstrate what I mean. Lets say I own a donut shop in south Dallas. In the last year my shop has been burglarized several times and my clerks have been robbed at gunpoint. One was even murdered on a night shift while closing up shop. Dallas police have beefed up patrols and I have installed security cameras and an alarm. Every night when I leave work I wave to the patrolman who drives by. I close the front doors and lock them up. Then I turn on the cameras and set the alarm. When I walk out the back door I leave it open until I return the next day!

Does this make sense? This is what we are doing right know with our borders. Something does not ad up! Why on god's green earth would you develop homeland security, wiretaps, and renditions all in the name of terrorism and not secure the border? It makes no sense. If I were a Terrorist and wanted to get a cell into the U.S. , wouldn't the easiest way to accomplish this would be to cross our southern border. This is what thousands of illegals do every year. So what really is going on.

I remember right after 9/11 , they announced Bin Laden as the chief suspect. I remember thinking I had never herd of this guy until know. Recently, I looked uped Osama Bin Laden on the FBI's most wanted list. Under the description of what he was wanted for, there is no mention of 911!!! Then, this last week I read about Seymour Hersh and how he reported that Cheney and Bush had a brainstorming meeting about what to do about Iran. One of the suggestions was to dress up navy seals in an Iranian fast boats and attack American war ships in the straits of Hormuz! Why hasn't the main stream media reported this? Mr. Hersh is not a wack job. He is a highly respected semi famous journalist.

I voted for President Bush twice but this all feels like a manipulation to me. Do you every feel as an American citizen, there is another agenda the congress and the President are following? They seem to do or not do things because they are servants to someone or something else and not the American People! It makes me question 9/11 and the whole terror threat. Then I ask myself, what motivation would people in government have to perform false flag operations that killed 3,000 Americans. The only conclusion i come up with is The Rise OF The Fourth Reich!

Something to research! Did yo know that World Trade Center 7 housed The Security and Exchange Commission. It admitted that on 9/11 more than seven thousand prosecution files where lost. It is rumored that Prescott Bush's 1942 prosecution transcript for his connection with the Nazi's was lost!!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

CAN YOU SAY AMERO!!! By The Mental Pugilist.

Why has not one politician , running for the President of the United States, ever talk about the value of the U.S. dollar? Why does the hedge fund market have very little regulation? Why where the majority of the risky home mortgage loans, that are currently killing our financial markets , packaged as securities backed by these loans , sold threw these hedge funds? Why Where banks able to loan people extravagant amounts of money with very little or no income verification? Why Is the Federal Reserve able to print money out of thin air and manipulate the amount of currency in circulation when it is a privately owned company? Why does the Federal Reserve keep lowering interest rates , in the name of helping out with home loans, but never mention that they are creating a run away from the investment in the U.S. dollar?
WHY WHY WHY? Why won't anyone ever talk about these issues in the main stream media?
Most people watching news about the state of our economy are hopelessly blind to the real threat that is developing into a perfect storm. The crash of the U.S. Dollar! Forget about the media's reports on Fannie May and Freddie mac. Forget about how the talking heads on TV tell you how we cant let these institutions fail. These things are all nonsense and lies!! These reports are misleading and half truths because they will never tell you what it means to the American dollar and us as citizens, so I will tell you. Bailing out Fannie and Freddie will double are national debt! This has ramifications because as our debt increases , more foreign investors will invest in other countries? With the interest rates so low, you will see more investors running away and looking for more lucrative returns in Europe and elsewhere. Are credit rating will suffer because of the doubling of debt. In the last four years, our dollar has lost sixty percent of its value! As far as we can let the people who where greety loose their homes, or investment firms ,who didn't manage risk , go under, B.S. What the hell is a Capital market for???

Lets pause reality for a second. Lets say you wanted to create a North American Union, a merger between the U.S. , Mexico, and Canada. Would it be possible if one of these countries was the only supper power??? NO!! So how to make your conspiracy dreams come true? Well lets see. I would first want to bring the super power to its needs and have them beg for a new currency backed by gold. How to go about that? Let the mortgage banks and hedge fund managers( Goldman Sachs) play fast and loose with home loans. Play on peoples greed and have them buy houses they can't afford. This creates the housing crisis and allows you to manipulate the money supply to bring down the U.S. dollar to virtually worthless! Someone would notice right! Wrong ! People are to focused on bailouts and government stimulus checks to even fathom what it means to the value of the U.S. dollar!
I hope we wake up soon! Oh wait , This is just a crazy conspiracy! or is it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Israel's Red Line! By The Mental Pugilist

Sometimes ,in this day and age, its is hard to distinguish between rhetoric and truth. Especially dealing with the back and forth that between Iran, Israel, and the U.S. . So how do you distinguish saber rattling from a possible strike on Iran? I will give you some keys to look for.
I would watch , in the upcoming months, how Iran reacts to the IAEA's nuclear inspectors. What I mean is this, There is a big myth that weapons grade uranium enrichment is hard to detect and easy to hide. This is not exactly true. If a country decides to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb, a tell tale sign is on the floor of the facility. Nuclear inspectors would be able to see signs of this on the facilities floors. The only problem the inspectors would have is at sights that they do not have access too. Clandestine facilities in the country out of reach of the inspectors. In the coming months, if you see Iran kick out the inspectors, this would be a tell tale sign that a strike on Iran , from Israel, is imminent! Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons period.
There is a little discussed fact about the IAEA that you will never here. In the history of the organization, they have never once made a finding that a country as diverted uranium for military purposes! Think about that. Hundreds of countries they have inspected, not one!
If you seek the signs , they will show you the future.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bush's Nightmare! By the Mental Pugilist.

For the past four years we have heard the constant drum beats of war with Iran. Weather the beats are coming from Tel Aviv or Washington, They seem to be getting louder every week. Why, in this point in time , have the calls to attack Iran's nuclear installations accelerated? The reasons the media throws out are all B.S. . For the most part you can ignore them.
Let me inform you the real reasons why a possible strike on Iran is almost a certainty by the end of the year. Iran's influence on Iraq! Why is this so important to the current regime in the U.S. ? There are many reasons. The greatest fear inside the beltway is seeing an Iranian crescent stretch from Baghdad to Syria. Bush I , said , during the first gulf war, that he could not allow a dictator like Saddam to control so much oil , when he invaded Kuwait. Recent estimates have stated that Iraq holds the second largest oil reserves in the world. Do you really think Bush II is going to allow this to happen? Let a theocracy hell bent on the destruction of Israel, to control so much oil? You might say , how can this happen with all our troops in Iraq? Have you seen the latest SFOA? One of our goals ,not stated, as to why we went into Iraq was to build permanent military bases on Iraq soil in order to blunt Iranian influence. Nouri Maliki has completely rejected the U.S. having permanent bases! In June, the Iraq president assured Tehran that he would not allow permanent bases and they would not allow any attack on Iran from any bases inside Iraq.
Looks like the wheels are coming of the strategy we hoped to employ in the middle east. Our hope was that our presents would stabilize the middle east. These new developments leads me to believe that we are closer than ever to a dangerous war. In fact, the U.K. times just had an article today stating Bush has given his blessing to Israel to strike Iran. Not because they are so close to an Islamic bomb, but because things going down in Iraq!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran" The Mental Pugilist

Did you notice what happened in Israel, last week, involving the U.S. navy? For those of you asleep at the wheel, let me inform you. Chairmen of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen paid a visit to our buddies in Israel. Why is this significant? In the last ten years , no U.S. Joint Chief of Staff has made such a visit! Is this a sign to come? Are we closer to war in the middle east than ever before? Look at the signs, there are so many. Vice-Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, head of the fifth fleet, stated last week that The U.S. wont allow Iran to block the straight of Hormuz. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a trip to the U.S. in May. He left stating that him and President Bush see eye to eye on Iran.
If you pay attention and look around you can see the build up that will eventually lead to war in the Middle east. By the end of the Year! People from the likes of John Bolton to Pat Buchanan have weight in on the likely hood of confrontation.
Oh, Did you her last month what Dr. No (Ron Paul) has said in regards to our congress and their view of the upcoming confrontation with Iran. He has publicly spoke out that we our on a dangerous course in the United states. He stated something big is about to happen. He also stated that congress is already in the bag on attacking Iran! Very disturbing.
Did you catch Israel's last war game over Greece? The exercise and the range was an exact replica of what would take to attack Iran. Yesterday, Iran had its own war games in which they demonstrated missiles that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv. And another sign. Condi Rice was in the Czech Republic yesterday, where she signed the missile shield agreement. Russia intern, stated the missile shield would be met with a military response!! wow.
All these signs seem to peaking into a perfect storm that is predicted in the bible. What does this all mean?

My Analysis:
First of all, the threat posed from Iran , that the main stream media seems to gloss over, is not them getting the Islam bomb and nuking Israel. They are to close regionally and both would be practically destroyed. The real threat is Iran proliferateing these nukes to terrorist and we wake up one day with a couple of cities gone! I believe President Bush will not leave office without attacking Iran. All the chest peaces are in Place. We have all the hard assets in place in Iraq to go into Iran. I am afraid it won't be a cake walk gentlemen. Do you remember Israel's last war with Hammas? They sunk an Israeli war ship with a Iranian silk worm missile. Like I said real men go to Tehran!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Funny! he is right!,

The last week has brought Barack Obama another pastor problem, Michael Pfleger. He was a guest preacher at Trinity United church. I think the new church name should be Trinity Divided! Everyone has weighed in on the political implications of what the Catholic preacher has said but I have heard little talk about the content of his sermon.
When I listened to the speech over the weekend I thought to myself, he is right. He only said what every American has been thinking in regards to the Clintons. Hillary went from the prolific political name with an ex president as her husband to a has been in less than two years. She has had her hat handed to her by a relative unknown junior senator from Illinois. The Clintons words and actions have demonstrated how they viewed themselves as Democratic gold and the nomination was entitled to her. Can you image , in private how pissed the Clinton machine must be. Oh to be a fly on the wall. How she must look at herself in the mirror and cry about how did I get beat by this mother bleeper!
I can see Hillary's conversations in private and to super delegates go almost exactly the same as the Reverend laid it out. Don't be so quick to get mad at Trinity United again. The preacher was only saying what the Clintons are probably thinking! If you close your eyes and imagine how the conversation goes between Bill and Hillary after they loose the nomination, you could use the sermon as a transcript! I can see the title for Hillary's next book, A funny thing happened on the way to the White House, Barack Obama!!

Hey Hillary's cry babies, blame yourself! By The Mental Pugilist

This weekend the DNC held a rules committee meeting and decided the outcome of the Florida and Michigan primary delegates. Lost in all the arguing is why , in the first place, where bot denied their primary delegates! Over the weekend, all you saw where Hillary supporters protesting outside the meeting demanding to count all the votes. Harold Ickes was seen on the rules committee espousing idiotic rhetoric about this is no way to unite the party.
First of all, these old ladies protesting the meeting on behalf of their hero Hillary need a reality check. Instead of blaming the rules committee , the need to look no further than their own states DNC for blame! Who are the idiots that caused this mess. The states democratic party officials who decided to hold their primaries at an earlier date. They where promptly penalized for trying to move the primaries to an earlier date. If every state where allowed to do this, you would have a long line of states jumping in front of each other to hold their primaries. You would never have a definitive start and end to the process. I get sick and tired of hearing these goofballs go on TV and complain because Hillary is getting beat by a relative unknown. Lets quit talking about who should get what amount of delegates. The cry babies need to blame themselves! Next time hold your primary on the correct date and shut up!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan, Pinhead or Patriot? By The Mental Pugilist

The media world has been a buzz this week over former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's Scathing book of the current administration. What was surprising was that such a book would come out from a Bush loyalist while the President was still in office! So what gives? Scott McClellan was responsible for putting forward the Bush administration's public stance during the build up to the Iraq war. He is a Texan who goes back to the President's days as the governor of Texas. The book itself does not seem to reveal anything new about the white house stance and why we invaded Iraq. It seems to verify what many people suspected about the manipulation of intelligence that lead up to the invasion. I remember right before the war started , I wonder why we where going into Iraq? A more appropriate target seemed to be Iran, which is the greatest proliferater of terrorism in the middle east! Strategy suggest if you have three targets (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan) you go after soft targets before you hit the hard target.
This might have been the case. I am an avid listener of talk radio and have herd various analysis from O'reilly, Gallagher to Ingram postulating why he wrote the book. They speculated on his motivation ranging from money to being a disgruntled employee. It was funny the tactic they used against Scott McClellan. They all attacked his credibility and his reputation instead of his argument. They made jokes about his physical characteristics and why he had not said anything about his misgivings while at The White house. This is a technique often used to persuade you about the fitness of the author. Attack the messenger not the message!
I never herd anyone utter that maybe the reason he spoke out was because he had a crisis of conscious. Funny the never mention that! It is interesting to not as late as 2007, McClellan was on Bill Mahr defending the Iraq war. What changed in less than a year? I don't buy the argument of money being the motive or his editor made him change the book to a spicier version. He is from a rich Texas family!
So do we consider Scott McClellan as a patriot or an opportunist? I say that if we had more Patriots inside the White House and the CIA who had spoken out before the invasion, things might have been different. The idea of creating two democracies on each side of Iran in the hopes it will spread is a noble endeavor but is it worth the blood and treasure we have spent? In the end history will be the judge. I just wish the White House would have been more honest to the American people about the motives to invade Iraq. Then again they wouldn't have been able to sell the war! Anyone who speaks the truth is a patriot!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This day is a day that our country takes a pause to remember those who have answered the call of duty , past and present, and have payed the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The day carries extra significance when our country is at war. I never had the opportunity to meet my two grandfathers in person. Both had died during WWII and the Korean war. Both are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Growing up, I have vivid memories of honoring memorial day and how my father , who's dad was killed in Korea , would always break down and cry. I wasn't old enough to understand why he would always break down. Know that I am older, I have had the opportunity to research my grandfather and the circumstances surrounding his death and his ultimate sacrifice.
Growing up, I only herd of him in passing and with little detail. I researched him and found out he was a Sargent in the 32nd Infantry 7th Infantry Division. He was a tank commander. It struck me because he was only 26 when he was killed in action. I often think what bravery it must have taken to fight on foreign lands ,at such and young age, in honor of America and are way of life. I often think of what was I doing at 25-26? worrying about graduating college, or my final exams. Where I was going to have my next beer!
All the things I was worried about and my worries today seem really selfish compared to our soldiers of yesterday and the ones who fight and die today! It is true to say ones sacrifice for the greater good of ones country than for ones self is truly special! It represents something greater than I can describe in this blog. I hope on this memorial day all of use remember those men and women who serve and their sacrifices are remembered no matter what your political leanings are. To my grandfather, who I never meet, Second lieutenant Melvin Mahar , I pause to remember you today! He was wounded at Inchon landing and six months later returned to Korea where he payed the ultimate sacrifice! God bless the troops and God bless America!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush "Appeasment", Well where in the world is Bin Laden?

During President Bush's recent visit to Israel, he made a speech in front of the Kisnet. The Kisnet is Israel's equivalent to our congress. During the speech he said " some people act as if we can talk to rogue leaders and make a cleaver argument that would change their minds" He evoked the images of Hitler's tanks rolling into Poland and a American congressman who stated that if he only had a chance to talk to Hitler, war could have been avoided. Bush later went one to tell the Kisnet that historically appeasement has never worked. The media picked up on his statements as referring to Barack Obama's admission that he would talk to the president of Iran directly. The following week ensued and I watched the various political talking heads debate the meaning of Bush's statements and the positives and negatives of Obama's approach to direct talks with our enemies compared to the current approach of little or no talk. On Sunday morning, I saw Richard Angle interview Bush about his statements in Israel. Angle asked him about his comments and if they where directed at Obama? President Bush responded by stating that his views haven't changed but, the political season has! He went on to explain that we need to fight terrorism aggressively an bring them to justice. He leaned forward and told Angle that the people who killed 3,000 Americans on 911 could not be reasoned with. I thought about it for a moment and have these questions for my fellow Americans to ponder, especially in light of the war in Iraq and the upcoming election.
Where do we stand right know since 911? Are we any closer to defeating this so called Al Qaida? Are we any closer to capturing or killing OBL? Did Osama Bin Laden die in 2001 as Benizer Bhutto claimed in an interview with David frost just before her assassination. If so, why are there still tapes of him coming out threatening America? Who benefits from keeping him alive? What does Iraq have to do with the people who brought the most devastating terrorist attack ,in our nations history, to our shores? Why does the current Administration say in the same breath that we must continue the fight and bring these people to justice but are so nonchalant with the hunt for OBL? Who is making these OBL tapes? Why? Are we as Americans to believe that the most sophisticated army ever none to man can not capture one Person because of his location in a remote third world country. Are we to believe that the worlds most advanced military is being held back by a third world country from going into there land and bringing out OBL because of political sensitivities? Are we that stupid?

So what in the world is going on? No one seems to want to answer the above questions. When I hear Bush , who I voted for twice, pop off about there is no way we can negotiate with these rogue regimes, I want to yell at my TV " your way sure has not worked!" We are at the same spot as we where on September 12th, 2001!!!! No trials! No one has been brought to justice!
What I do like to hear from Barack Obama is that if we have actionable intelligence on the where abouts of OBL, he would not hesitate to send our troops in to Pakistan or any other country he is hiding in and bring him out.
Upon reflection, It makes me think that someone inside our government is using The Boogie man and the threat of terrorism to drain our country of treasury and blood! For what purpose?
I am not sure! If we where truly trying to defeat terrorism we would have invaded Iran not Iraq! Hint: watch the BBC documentary "The Power of Nightmares"!