Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sanjaya Palin!!!!

Well sometimes the truth will set you free! Now that the election is over, Fox News's Carol Cameron can report on what every American already new, Sanjaya Palin had no business being a Vice Presidential candidate!! The latest is that she did not know Africa was a continent, nor who was in NAFTA. This only re-enforces ,to me, that I voted for the right candidate, President elect Barack Obama!!
This was the first time I have ever voted for a Democratic candidate for the highest office in the land. That says a lot considering I am a conservative living in Texas.
Below I will offer some suggestions ,to the conservative movement, if they want to regain their supporters ;so listen up!

1. Don't tell me you stand for small government , limited spending; then turn around and oversee eight years of the largest government expansion in U.S. history!
2. Don't tell me that you belief in limited spending when you turn around and run up the largest deficit in U.S. History!
3. Don't tell me that Barack Obama is a socialist then turn around and pass a 7 billion dollar bailout to wall street!!
4. Don't tell me that Barack Obama believes in redistribution of wealth then elect a vice president that participates in Alaska's redistribution of wealth from oil companies to its citizens!
5. Don't tell me your candidate has the experience to be president ; then turn around and nominate Sanjaya Palin!
6. Don't tell me Barack Obama's spending programs will bankrupt the economy when you spend 12 billion a month in a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with 911!
7. Don't let all the right wing radio hosts , day in and day out, hammer Barack Obama and not look at their own party in the face!! You just look silly and stupid!! In other words you got nothing!!

People like Sean Hanity can take full credit for the implosion of the conservative movement! You are becoming more irrelevant by each passing day!! If you really want to resurrect a movement I hold dear, You would rally around true conservatives like Ron Paul!! Not John Mccain and Sanjaya Palin!!

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