Friday, July 25, 2008

CAN YOU SAY AMERO!!! By The Mental Pugilist.

Why has not one politician , running for the President of the United States, ever talk about the value of the U.S. dollar? Why does the hedge fund market have very little regulation? Why where the majority of the risky home mortgage loans, that are currently killing our financial markets , packaged as securities backed by these loans , sold threw these hedge funds? Why Where banks able to loan people extravagant amounts of money with very little or no income verification? Why Is the Federal Reserve able to print money out of thin air and manipulate the amount of currency in circulation when it is a privately owned company? Why does the Federal Reserve keep lowering interest rates , in the name of helping out with home loans, but never mention that they are creating a run away from the investment in the U.S. dollar?
WHY WHY WHY? Why won't anyone ever talk about these issues in the main stream media?
Most people watching news about the state of our economy are hopelessly blind to the real threat that is developing into a perfect storm. The crash of the U.S. Dollar! Forget about the media's reports on Fannie May and Freddie mac. Forget about how the talking heads on TV tell you how we cant let these institutions fail. These things are all nonsense and lies!! These reports are misleading and half truths because they will never tell you what it means to the American dollar and us as citizens, so I will tell you. Bailing out Fannie and Freddie will double are national debt! This has ramifications because as our debt increases , more foreign investors will invest in other countries? With the interest rates so low, you will see more investors running away and looking for more lucrative returns in Europe and elsewhere. Are credit rating will suffer because of the doubling of debt. In the last four years, our dollar has lost sixty percent of its value! As far as we can let the people who where greety loose their homes, or investment firms ,who didn't manage risk , go under, B.S. What the hell is a Capital market for???

Lets pause reality for a second. Lets say you wanted to create a North American Union, a merger between the U.S. , Mexico, and Canada. Would it be possible if one of these countries was the only supper power??? NO!! So how to make your conspiracy dreams come true? Well lets see. I would first want to bring the super power to its needs and have them beg for a new currency backed by gold. How to go about that? Let the mortgage banks and hedge fund managers( Goldman Sachs) play fast and loose with home loans. Play on peoples greed and have them buy houses they can't afford. This creates the housing crisis and allows you to manipulate the money supply to bring down the U.S. dollar to virtually worthless! Someone would notice right! Wrong ! People are to focused on bailouts and government stimulus checks to even fathom what it means to the value of the U.S. dollar!
I hope we wake up soon! Oh wait , This is just a crazy conspiracy! or is it?

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