Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Orwellian Olympics! : By The Mental Pugilist

With the Olympics just two days away, I find myself thinking about the people of China and how it will effect them. As I sit in Dallas freely typing on my computer with my sharpi dog "rehab" sound asleep under my desk, I wonder how free will the media by to express themselves at the Olympics. As I sit hear enjoying the 100 degree summer of Texas in relevant peace, I wonder how many people have been rounded up in Beijing and sent out of the city. People ranging from activist, cripples to street beggars. All in the name of cleaning up the streets. Reading all the news reports I can't help but imagine what an Orwellian Olympics we are going to witness.
George Bush did his best in Thailand to speak out against human rights violations and freedoms that the communist party deny to the Chinese people. It is a sad sad world when America is left limp wristed when it comes to influencing China and its human rights policy. America and its multi milion dollar sponsors have giving tacit approval to China's coming out party! George Bush plans to attend the Olympic ceremonies. What message is that sending.
You might wonder why we can do very little to effect Chinese policy. The true reason is because, on paper China owns use, literally! The paper I speak of are Federal Reserve notes! China is the single country that owns the most amounts of our Treasury notes. In other words the are financing our debt and sustaining America's cult of consumerism. We rely on China to finance one third of are debt. Many suggest the reason we do not take a harder line is that they could turn in all there reserve notes and wreck our economy. That's bull. China needs our country because we are their largest consumer of their cheap lead filled products that keep their economy growing by leaps and bounds.
China knows that they have us by the shorts and could care less about what we think of Tibet and other issues. It always amazes me how the Bush administration's cornerstone policy is the spreading of democracy and freedom. Yet we are hunky dory with allies like Egypt , Saudi Arabia, and any of the Emirates who are ruled by monarchies or dictators. They are not exactly democratic! When you watch Michael Phelps win is eight gold medals in a grand new swimming arena, You should wonder how many poor families were left homeless in order to construct it!

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Anonymous said...

something you talk is true,some is not true,i am a chinese,we just can not make sure anyhing is allright,but we are happy ,our goverment try their best to hold this game ,something they have to do to make sure everything is ok .