Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, Congess does the will of the people!! : By The Mental Pugilist

I spent the weekend emailing the people in congress who represent me. I explained to them that the should not vote yes to bailout Wall street! When I heard the news that the bill was defeated , I jumped for joy. This was the first time ,I can remember, that I was proud of congress sided with the people. You will hear ,for the next couple of weeks, how they have to do something or else we the people will not be able to get credit at our local banks. BS!! I asked my friends and family if they know of anybody who has been denied a loan or could not make payroll and they all said no! Don't buy into the politics of fear. Henry Paulson wanted congress to give him 700 billion dollars along with the most sweeping change of power in American history. Then he was to turn around and give the taxpayers money too the same people who took enormous risks and bankrupted their own companies.
What a fraud. We live in a society where Free markets determine who rises and who falls. Why would anyone support socialising the losses of Wall street! Why would you let people take financial risk without suffering the consequences. There are many solutions to help our financial crises that does not involve taxpayer money. Keep in mind, we will have a new president in 36 days , who will appoint a new Secretary of the Treasury and Federal Reserve. Why not wait until these new people are in place to make a decision. Why give Paulson the candy store when he won't be here to implement the new deal. One thing the new president should do is appoint Ron Paul as the Secretary of the Treasury. Then maybe we will address the real problem and not the symptom. The real problem of the Federal Reserve artificially manipulating our money supply!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is going to bail out Uncle Sam?? :By The Mental Pugilist

Did everybody hear the news that America has officially changed its name? The senate passed the bill renaming America by an overwhelming margin. The new name is The U.S.S.A.! The United Socialist States of America! On the heals of the Lehman Brother's collapse, The Federal Reserve has decided to bail out AIG insurance. American citizens are know the proud owners of one of the worlds largest insurance companies. We are footing the bill for an 850 billion dollar bailout.
We are now entering the phase in American history that socialism is the rule! The Government now owns large American companies and vice verse. Today, congress has announced they are going to set up a trust for large companies to give away all there bad debt and we the people must bear the burden.
I want to know how much more in debt can we make our country until foreigners refuse to by our U.S. Treasury? How much longer before the world switches from the dollar as the worlds currency reserve? Not much longer!
What I want to know is who is going to bail out Uncle Sam!! All these government handouts are going to make our paper virtually worthless, then what? I have read a lot, the comparison between the 1930's stock market crash and what is going on today. I remember growing up hearing stories , from old timers , about the great depression. One type of story that always stuck with me was the stories of rich guys throwing themselves out the windows of ten story buildings. Today the story is a little different. The rich people are safe and protected by government bailouts while we the people are being thrown out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is the U.S. one step away from Enron

Is America turning into Enron? This week the government has announced that it will bail out Fannie and Freddie. Overnight , our debt has doubled! This is only the beginning. next in line is the Detroit auto makers followed by Lehman brothers. What are we doing? Free markets are suppose to decide what businesses fail and what businesses continue! You might ask, why should I care or aren't they two big to fail?
You better care because the Federal Reserve is going to print out billions of dollars t cover all the bailouts and we the tax payers are going to pay for it! If I owned a business ,in the private sector ,and I ran the company into trillions of dollars debt and took grave risks, I would be thrown in jail!! Our government is sending a terrible signal to corporate America that they can take unimaginable risks without suffering from the consequences! They could care less because they know "they are too big to fall". When other countries look at our balance sheet and they way we print money out of thin air, they are going to think twice about investing in America. The U.S. dollar is going to be worth pennies on the dollar when Detroit is done with us.
The big problem is the heads of The Treasury and Federal Reserve are all ex CEO's of these large investment firms. They can do what they want because their buddies will bail them out.

Why is our losses becoming socialized? Why is our economy turning into an Enron house of cards? Make no mistake, we didn't bailout regular folks, we bailed out people like China and Middle East countries who bought all of our bad debt!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

"Palin" The straight talk express might just have had a blowout" : By The Mental Pugilist

John McCain has only meet this women once in his life and know she could be one heart beat away from the presidency! What on God's green earth was he thinking? I am convinced that like economics, he did not do very well in math either! On the surface, it looked to me that he was trying to steal the thunder from Obama and court disgruntled Hillary supporters.
Let me help Senator McCain out. Your campaign should be geared toward the overall outcome and not the trend of the day. In November , no one is going to remember who Hillary Clinton is! Why pick a running mate who is ripe for the picking for scandal? Let me explain. She is the governor of a state that is even more corrupt than Louisiana!! Contrary to popular belief, In her run for the governorship of Alaska, she did support the bridge to nowhere. Governor Palin also put pressure on the state police to fire a trooper, who had recently divorced her sister. As far as McCain's math, lets say you have a pool of 200 million voters, why would you target such a thin slice of voters, such as women who are Democrats??
The argument goes, she is a person who has all the conservative values such as family values, small government, and reform. Think about that? That might be the dumbest argument of them all. If I described the VP as I did above and substituted the picture of Romney or an number of republican contenders, you would have the same person. The only difference would be that they have been vetted! Karl Rove better get on the phone with his skywalker "Steve Schmidt" and right the ship. My prediction, this is only the beginning of stories of scandal you will hear about Sarah Palin. Can you say Ted Stevens! Mccain should have said Ron Paul!!