Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bush's Nightmare! By the Mental Pugilist.

For the past four years we have heard the constant drum beats of war with Iran. Weather the beats are coming from Tel Aviv or Washington, They seem to be getting louder every week. Why, in this point in time , have the calls to attack Iran's nuclear installations accelerated? The reasons the media throws out are all B.S. . For the most part you can ignore them.
Let me inform you the real reasons why a possible strike on Iran is almost a certainty by the end of the year. Iran's influence on Iraq! Why is this so important to the current regime in the U.S. ? There are many reasons. The greatest fear inside the beltway is seeing an Iranian crescent stretch from Baghdad to Syria. Bush I , said , during the first gulf war, that he could not allow a dictator like Saddam to control so much oil , when he invaded Kuwait. Recent estimates have stated that Iraq holds the second largest oil reserves in the world. Do you really think Bush II is going to allow this to happen? Let a theocracy hell bent on the destruction of Israel, to control so much oil? You might say , how can this happen with all our troops in Iraq? Have you seen the latest SFOA? One of our goals ,not stated, as to why we went into Iraq was to build permanent military bases on Iraq soil in order to blunt Iranian influence. Nouri Maliki has completely rejected the U.S. having permanent bases! In June, the Iraq president assured Tehran that he would not allow permanent bases and they would not allow any attack on Iran from any bases inside Iraq.
Looks like the wheels are coming of the strategy we hoped to employ in the middle east. Our hope was that our presents would stabilize the middle east. These new developments leads me to believe that we are closer than ever to a dangerous war. In fact, the U.K. times just had an article today stating Bush has given his blessing to Israel to strike Iran. Not because they are so close to an Islamic bomb, but because things going down in Iraq!

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