Saturday, August 2, 2008

Terrorist threat? Fact or Fiction? By The Mental Pugilist

For the past several months, the media has been speculating about an attack on Iran and its nuclear installations. In these conversations they have also mentioned the various surrogate terrorist organizations that they sponsor throughout the middle east. I recently read the book "Atomic Iran" by Jerome Corsi. It is a great book if you are interested in the history of Iran and its relationship to the U.S. All of this got me to thinking how big of a threat are terrorist to strike the United States.

I took a practical approach to the problem by looking at the rhetoric coming out of our government and compared it to the actions taken to see if they matched the threat. What I found was disturbing! All will use a scenario to demonstrate what I mean. Lets say I own a donut shop in south Dallas. In the last year my shop has been burglarized several times and my clerks have been robbed at gunpoint. One was even murdered on a night shift while closing up shop. Dallas police have beefed up patrols and I have installed security cameras and an alarm. Every night when I leave work I wave to the patrolman who drives by. I close the front doors and lock them up. Then I turn on the cameras and set the alarm. When I walk out the back door I leave it open until I return the next day!

Does this make sense? This is what we are doing right know with our borders. Something does not ad up! Why on god's green earth would you develop homeland security, wiretaps, and renditions all in the name of terrorism and not secure the border? It makes no sense. If I were a Terrorist and wanted to get a cell into the U.S. , wouldn't the easiest way to accomplish this would be to cross our southern border. This is what thousands of illegals do every year. So what really is going on.

I remember right after 9/11 , they announced Bin Laden as the chief suspect. I remember thinking I had never herd of this guy until know. Recently, I looked uped Osama Bin Laden on the FBI's most wanted list. Under the description of what he was wanted for, there is no mention of 911!!! Then, this last week I read about Seymour Hersh and how he reported that Cheney and Bush had a brainstorming meeting about what to do about Iran. One of the suggestions was to dress up navy seals in an Iranian fast boats and attack American war ships in the straits of Hormuz! Why hasn't the main stream media reported this? Mr. Hersh is not a wack job. He is a highly respected semi famous journalist.

I voted for President Bush twice but this all feels like a manipulation to me. Do you every feel as an American citizen, there is another agenda the congress and the President are following? They seem to do or not do things because they are servants to someone or something else and not the American People! It makes me question 9/11 and the whole terror threat. Then I ask myself, what motivation would people in government have to perform false flag operations that killed 3,000 Americans. The only conclusion i come up with is The Rise OF The Fourth Reich!

Something to research! Did yo know that World Trade Center 7 housed The Security and Exchange Commission. It admitted that on 9/11 more than seven thousand prosecution files where lost. It is rumored that Prescott Bush's 1942 prosecution transcript for his connection with the Nazi's was lost!!!!!!

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