Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The U.S. ECONOMY: Would you give a cocaine addict a line of cocaine the night before rehab, so he could make it throught the night?

How come none of the presidential candidates ,nor the media , talk about the most important underlying economic crisis facing America today. The crash of the U.S. dollar. How come no one is addressing this? Every time the economic crisis is discussed , all you hear is abut the economic stimulus package that offers $500 to $600 dollar rebates yada yada!! When the real crisis is how we let the Federal Reserve create money out of thin air, loan it to the our government and attach interest to every dollar that we as tax payers have to pay back. This represents our enormous debt. These so called stimulus packages are feeding into the bad spending and lending practices of citizens. Why in the hell should anyone who has bought a house they couldn't afford be bailed out? Right know , 1$ = 1.46Euro! That is terrible.
Instead of talking about stimulus packages, we need to talk about cutting spending and not these short term lines of coke! The government needs rehab! Are my fellow Americans that stupid to see the dollar crash or are they an addict. We need to reign in spending and shore up our dollar by eliminating the federal reserve and going back to the gold standard. Every time the Feds cuts interest rates it causes the dollar to loose even more value. How come no seems to talk about that? Every time the Feds print money, there is more circulation, which gives rise to inflation. Every time the interest rates are slashed, people have this warm and fuzzy feeling. What cutting the rate does is it makes foreign investors invest in other countries because of their higher interest rates!!! wake up people. Look at the big picture. This crap of economic stimulus packages is only delaying rehab!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

1/21/2008 CNN debate. Obama, turn it up! bring the noise!!!

I have a theory on why the race for the white house is getting so much attention. The writers strike has left the average American without their favorite TV shows to watch. Like most, the lack of programming has left me examining the presidential race closely. I have researched, examined and watched all of the candidates, republicans and democrats, on the debates and in various media outlets. One Person has truly inspired me. The Obamanator! know for some disclosure. I am a 26 year old Auditor who is a conservative Republican. I voted for GW twice! With that said , Barack is the only candidate who has truly inspired me about the future of America. I remember after he won the Iowa caucus, I was watching his victory speech. I thought to myself, how historic it was that I was witnessing a black man win a caucus for the first time in our nations history. As he ended his speech they panned to a shot of him , his wife, and two daughters on stage. I paused and said wow!
what a JFK picturesque moment! I wasn't even born when JFK was president, but that's the image I got, the feeling that I was watching history, seeing the changing of the guard right before my eyes. Just like JFK represented. From that day on I have followed his battle with Hilary. I found myself very frustrated by all the false things Hillary was saying and no one challenged her on any of her B.S. I have just finished watching the Black caucus debate. Barack, Follow my advice bellow and I promise you will beat Hilary.

Debate aftermath: Tips for Barack, CHALLENGE HILARY ,AMERICA IS CRYING OUT!!

1. Senator Obama looked great on the CNN debate. here are points that Americans wanted you to hold Hillary's pointy shoes to the fire.

from the debate
A. (Clinton) " I have thirty five years of experience"
Thementalpugilist: Barack, why do you let her keep saying that ! She is only a junior senator. She has never managed or run anything. Not a Business or a government. Being a activist and a lawyer hardly qualifies you to wear the mantel of "35 years of experience" Experience in what? If that were the case my saintly mother ,who is a lawyer and an activist, Would be president. Even though I love her to death, I hardly think she is qualified to be president. Where is the media to challenge her on this. The average Joe American only hears "35 Years" but doesn't realize she has only been a senator for 5 years. Challenge her , it is so frustrating hearing the free pass every night!

B. (Clinton) "I am the real change agent , look at my record verses rhetoric"
Thementalpugilist: Barack please speak out on this issue , regular Americans need to be informed, if they where then they would support you more! Lets look at her public record. She was the first lady from 1993 to 2000. Here is the problem ( Will please someone call her on this. BARACK!) She is running on all this experience<>Newsweek, 10/29/07).

Barack she keeps trying to hammer you on lack of experience and brags about hers but Bill Clinton sealed her experience , with a letter until 2012. Please Obama she is so misleading . Confront her on this issue.

Another example: She has so much experience, Please Barack don't let her have a free pass in these debates. you are doing yourself a disservice. another example below.

  • “Clinton’s Calendars, Appointment Logs And Memos Are Stored At Her Husband’s Presidential Library, In The Custody Of Federal Archivists Who Do Not Expect Them To Be Released Until After The 2008 Presidential Election.” (Peter Nicholas, “Clinton’s First Lady Records Locked Up,” Los Angeles Times, 8/14/07)

  • It Could Be “Years” Before Hillary’s Records Are Made Available To The Public. “Asked how long it might be before Hillary Clinton’s records are released, the library’s chief archivist said it could take years.” (Peter Nicholas, “Clinton’s First Lady Records Locked Up,” Los Angeles Times, 8/14/07)
Please Obamanater, I am going to be sick if someone doesn't confront her. Ask her, if she is so experienced , then why not release the records before the elections!!

From the mentalpugiilist to Senator Obama: Senator Obama , after watching the debate I just can't believe you can let her say the things she does about herself and get away with it. I was left with a puzzled feeling on why you or Wolf never challenged here on these claims. The average American only remembers her saying 35years ..... experience........ and they think she has been a sitting senator since the Eisenhower era . I promise you this Senator Obama , If you point these things out on the next debate and not let her get away with these half truths , you would be hands down the Democratic nominee!! I hope these suggestions have helped . I know If I was thinking about these issues than millions of ordinary voting Americans where also pondering these thoughts as well. Like I said I am practically Bill Oreilly's MiniME, But I truly admire your transparency and your message of unity and not division. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall!!!
Barack: Please check back for more suggestions ,from the mental pugilist Aftermath of the debate. Barack, I will watch the political news unfold and post tips to help you on each issue. More to come. Thementalpugilist