Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, Congess does the will of the people!! : By The Mental Pugilist

I spent the weekend emailing the people in congress who represent me. I explained to them that the should not vote yes to bailout Wall street! When I heard the news that the bill was defeated , I jumped for joy. This was the first time ,I can remember, that I was proud of congress sided with the people. You will hear ,for the next couple of weeks, how they have to do something or else we the people will not be able to get credit at our local banks. BS!! I asked my friends and family if they know of anybody who has been denied a loan or could not make payroll and they all said no! Don't buy into the politics of fear. Henry Paulson wanted congress to give him 700 billion dollars along with the most sweeping change of power in American history. Then he was to turn around and give the taxpayers money too the same people who took enormous risks and bankrupted their own companies.
What a fraud. We live in a society where Free markets determine who rises and who falls. Why would anyone support socialising the losses of Wall street! Why would you let people take financial risk without suffering the consequences. There are many solutions to help our financial crises that does not involve taxpayer money. Keep in mind, we will have a new president in 36 days , who will appoint a new Secretary of the Treasury and Federal Reserve. Why not wait until these new people are in place to make a decision. Why give Paulson the candy store when he won't be here to implement the new deal. One thing the new president should do is appoint Ron Paul as the Secretary of the Treasury. Then maybe we will address the real problem and not the symptom. The real problem of the Federal Reserve artificially manipulating our money supply!!!!!!

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