Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Israel's Red Line! By The Mental Pugilist

Sometimes ,in this day and age, its is hard to distinguish between rhetoric and truth. Especially dealing with the back and forth that between Iran, Israel, and the U.S. . So how do you distinguish saber rattling from a possible strike on Iran? I will give you some keys to look for.
I would watch , in the upcoming months, how Iran reacts to the IAEA's nuclear inspectors. What I mean is this, There is a big myth that weapons grade uranium enrichment is hard to detect and easy to hide. This is not exactly true. If a country decides to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb, a tell tale sign is on the floor of the facility. Nuclear inspectors would be able to see signs of this on the facilities floors. The only problem the inspectors would have is at sights that they do not have access too. Clandestine facilities in the country out of reach of the inspectors. In the coming months, if you see Iran kick out the inspectors, this would be a tell tale sign that a strike on Iran , from Israel, is imminent! Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons period.
There is a little discussed fact about the IAEA that you will never here. In the history of the organization, they have never once made a finding that a country as diverted uranium for military purposes! Think about that. Hundreds of countries they have inspected, not one!
If you seek the signs , they will show you the future.

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