Monday, September 1, 2008

"Palin" The straight talk express might just have had a blowout" : By The Mental Pugilist

John McCain has only meet this women once in his life and know she could be one heart beat away from the presidency! What on God's green earth was he thinking? I am convinced that like economics, he did not do very well in math either! On the surface, it looked to me that he was trying to steal the thunder from Obama and court disgruntled Hillary supporters.
Let me help Senator McCain out. Your campaign should be geared toward the overall outcome and not the trend of the day. In November , no one is going to remember who Hillary Clinton is! Why pick a running mate who is ripe for the picking for scandal? Let me explain. She is the governor of a state that is even more corrupt than Louisiana!! Contrary to popular belief, In her run for the governorship of Alaska, she did support the bridge to nowhere. Governor Palin also put pressure on the state police to fire a trooper, who had recently divorced her sister. As far as McCain's math, lets say you have a pool of 200 million voters, why would you target such a thin slice of voters, such as women who are Democrats??
The argument goes, she is a person who has all the conservative values such as family values, small government, and reform. Think about that? That might be the dumbest argument of them all. If I described the VP as I did above and substituted the picture of Romney or an number of republican contenders, you would have the same person. The only difference would be that they have been vetted! Karl Rove better get on the phone with his skywalker "Steve Schmidt" and right the ship. My prediction, this is only the beginning of stories of scandal you will hear about Sarah Palin. Can you say Ted Stevens! Mccain should have said Ron Paul!!

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