Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Obama will be tested, first month" Can you say Iran!! By the Mental Pugilist

Wow , have you been following what people, in high places, are saying about Barack Obama's first month in office? Let me put it together for you. Collin Powell went on Meet The Press and announced his endorsement of Barack for President. What you might not have caught was at about two minutes into the interview, he stated that there would be an international crisis within the first thirty days in office. Ex Secretary of State ,Madelin Albreight echoed what Collin Powell stated. It doesn't end there. Joe Bidden said "there will be a manufactured incident to test him".
I was left scratching my head. Was there something I missed? Where there is smoke , there usually is fire. Have these people been briefed on an upcoming international incident? Do they have inside information from being ex top officials in government? Why talk about some fictitious event now? Then I read the updated intelligence estimate of Iran's nuclear weapons program. Guess when they are predicting they will be able to build there first bomb? January, 2009!!!!!!!!
The Pentagon has already briefed the two candidates on relevant intelligence matters in the event they are elected President. These whispers seem to point out that maybe we are planing a strike in January, 2009 on Iran. Think about it, Bush has no political capital to launch any strikes. Imagine Barack, the first black President announcing we are going into Iran. I think America would be rallied around his historic election and would overwhelmingly support him. I can think of no better time , politically , for a first strike! What better way to prepair the U.S. people for an Iran strike than for surrogates of Obama, the likely winner, too go public with vague warnings of a future crisis in his first month, and how we need to support the historic candidate! D-day Iran: update, January 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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