Friday, August 8, 2008

Hillary, why are you so bitter? : By The Mental Pugilist

With the DNC just three weeks away, Bill and Hillary Clinton are at it again! Her defeat in the Democratic primary seems to be a pill she is still having a hard time swallowing. Bill was recently interviewed on a trip in Africa. He was asked if he thought Obama was ready to be president? His response was Luke warm to say the least. He said "no one is really prepared to become president". He added he was not a racist! Thanks for telling us that.
Hillary Clinton can not help but show her true colors. She had a recent rally with her supporters that has made it to you tube. When she was asked about having a vote for her at the convention, she remarked " I think it makes us stronger if all our voices are herd". What a crock! Don't believe all the unity talk that Bill an Hillary are saying. If Hillary wanted to unite behind Obama wouldn't she answer " no no, that is not necessary. We all need to go to the convention and back Obama".
Its interesting to note the timing of their comments. One of the agreements worked out at the end of the primary was Obama would help Hillary pay off her debt. So far she is still waiting for the majority of the money from Barrack. She decides to speak up only after it is clear that there is no chance of her as the Vice President. Make no mistake, she could care less about party unity. She is in it for herself. Hillary is salivating at the chance to sink the U.S.S. Obama. Her gaze is firmly fixed on 2012. If Obama losses, she would love to say "see I told you he couldn't win". Isn't the world suppose to end in 2012? I guess it would if Hillary Clinton is elected president!


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