Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC "Is Journalm Dead? " By The Mental Pugilist

"Are you ready to rumble" The DNC should get Michael Buffer to kick of their convention with his trademark call. I am sitting here flipping between Fox, CNN , and MSNBC's coverage and would like to offer my observations. Is Journalism dead? I can not remember ,a time in my life, when watching the news you had to be so cognoscente of what media outlet is telling the story in order to decide the slant of the news. The fact is so magnetised watching the DNC coverage that its a sad joke! Its is really funny to watch.

I have been watching the DNC coverage. Here is an experiment, Watch CNN for twenty minutes and then watch Fox for twenty minutes. Look for what guests they have on. Look for what type of followup questions each anchor asks. Below is what I found.
CNN: (1) All Anchors never challenge pro-Obama guests but tend to agree. (2) There guest tend to be pro-Obama, and the guests who are anti-Obama are challenged by anchors at every turn. (3) You will never see Jerome Corsi on CNN!

FOX: (1) Their anchors look like fish out of water. They might give equal airtime to guests , but every time a pro-Obama guest praises him , they interject McCain back into the conversation and praise him or let people on set praise him. (2) More airtime to guests who are Anti-Obama! Prime example, "Bill Eyebrow surgery Hemmer" interviews the author of "the case against Barack Obama" He lets him go on and on about his research and only asks one follow question to challenge him. Do you think this author will be showing up on CNN anytime soon? NOT!

What they both should do is just stick to reporting the convention and the back stories going on in Denver. Lord knows there are tones of these juicy angles when the Clintons are involved!! Another thing I noticed is that when any male Clinton supporter or delegate are interviewed, they are all characteristically Afeminine!! Why? Another great exercise you should do is in about a week, go to the store and by a fox and CNN sticker. Once the DNC starts, put the Fox sticker over the CNN label on TV when watching CNN and when watching Fox, put the CNN sticker on the Fox label on TV. There coverage will be exact opposite of this in a week!! Makes me laugh!!

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Gary ("Old Dude") said...

with all the media controlled by seven families---its kinda hard to get the real facts, thank goodness for the internet to get the real story.