Monday, June 2, 2008

Funny! he is right!,

The last week has brought Barack Obama another pastor problem, Michael Pfleger. He was a guest preacher at Trinity United church. I think the new church name should be Trinity Divided! Everyone has weighed in on the political implications of what the Catholic preacher has said but I have heard little talk about the content of his sermon.
When I listened to the speech over the weekend I thought to myself, he is right. He only said what every American has been thinking in regards to the Clintons. Hillary went from the prolific political name with an ex president as her husband to a has been in less than two years. She has had her hat handed to her by a relative unknown junior senator from Illinois. The Clintons words and actions have demonstrated how they viewed themselves as Democratic gold and the nomination was entitled to her. Can you image , in private how pissed the Clinton machine must be. Oh to be a fly on the wall. How she must look at herself in the mirror and cry about how did I get beat by this mother bleeper!
I can see Hillary's conversations in private and to super delegates go almost exactly the same as the Reverend laid it out. Don't be so quick to get mad at Trinity United again. The preacher was only saying what the Clintons are probably thinking! If you close your eyes and imagine how the conversation goes between Bill and Hillary after they loose the nomination, you could use the sermon as a transcript! I can see the title for Hillary's next book, A funny thing happened on the way to the White House, Barack Obama!!

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