Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran" The Mental Pugilist

Did you notice what happened in Israel, last week, involving the U.S. navy? For those of you asleep at the wheel, let me inform you. Chairmen of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen paid a visit to our buddies in Israel. Why is this significant? In the last ten years , no U.S. Joint Chief of Staff has made such a visit! Is this a sign to come? Are we closer to war in the middle east than ever before? Look at the signs, there are so many. Vice-Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, head of the fifth fleet, stated last week that The U.S. wont allow Iran to block the straight of Hormuz. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a trip to the U.S. in May. He left stating that him and President Bush see eye to eye on Iran.
If you pay attention and look around you can see the build up that will eventually lead to war in the Middle east. By the end of the Year! People from the likes of John Bolton to Pat Buchanan have weight in on the likely hood of confrontation.
Oh, Did you her last month what Dr. No (Ron Paul) has said in regards to our congress and their view of the upcoming confrontation with Iran. He has publicly spoke out that we our on a dangerous course in the United states. He stated something big is about to happen. He also stated that congress is already in the bag on attacking Iran! Very disturbing.
Did you catch Israel's last war game over Greece? The exercise and the range was an exact replica of what would take to attack Iran. Yesterday, Iran had its own war games in which they demonstrated missiles that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv. And another sign. Condi Rice was in the Czech Republic yesterday, where she signed the missile shield agreement. Russia intern, stated the missile shield would be met with a military response!! wow.
All these signs seem to peaking into a perfect storm that is predicted in the bible. What does this all mean?

My Analysis:
First of all, the threat posed from Iran , that the main stream media seems to gloss over, is not them getting the Islam bomb and nuking Israel. They are to close regionally and both would be practically destroyed. The real threat is Iran proliferateing these nukes to terrorist and we wake up one day with a couple of cities gone! I believe President Bush will not leave office without attacking Iran. All the chest peaces are in Place. We have all the hard assets in place in Iraq to go into Iran. I am afraid it won't be a cake walk gentlemen. Do you remember Israel's last war with Hammas? They sunk an Israeli war ship with a Iranian silk worm missile. Like I said real men go to Tehran!

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