Monday, June 2, 2008

Hey Hillary's cry babies, blame yourself! By The Mental Pugilist

This weekend the DNC held a rules committee meeting and decided the outcome of the Florida and Michigan primary delegates. Lost in all the arguing is why , in the first place, where bot denied their primary delegates! Over the weekend, all you saw where Hillary supporters protesting outside the meeting demanding to count all the votes. Harold Ickes was seen on the rules committee espousing idiotic rhetoric about this is no way to unite the party.
First of all, these old ladies protesting the meeting on behalf of their hero Hillary need a reality check. Instead of blaming the rules committee , the need to look no further than their own states DNC for blame! Who are the idiots that caused this mess. The states democratic party officials who decided to hold their primaries at an earlier date. They where promptly penalized for trying to move the primaries to an earlier date. If every state where allowed to do this, you would have a long line of states jumping in front of each other to hold their primaries. You would never have a definitive start and end to the process. I get sick and tired of hearing these goofballs go on TV and complain because Hillary is getting beat by a relative unknown. Lets quit talking about who should get what amount of delegates. The cry babies need to blame themselves! Next time hold your primary on the correct date and shut up!

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