Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is going to bail out Uncle Sam?? :By The Mental Pugilist

Did everybody hear the news that America has officially changed its name? The senate passed the bill renaming America by an overwhelming margin. The new name is The U.S.S.A.! The United Socialist States of America! On the heals of the Lehman Brother's collapse, The Federal Reserve has decided to bail out AIG insurance. American citizens are know the proud owners of one of the worlds largest insurance companies. We are footing the bill for an 850 billion dollar bailout.
We are now entering the phase in American history that socialism is the rule! The Government now owns large American companies and vice verse. Today, congress has announced they are going to set up a trust for large companies to give away all there bad debt and we the people must bear the burden.
I want to know how much more in debt can we make our country until foreigners refuse to by our U.S. Treasury? How much longer before the world switches from the dollar as the worlds currency reserve? Not much longer!
What I want to know is who is going to bail out Uncle Sam!! All these government handouts are going to make our paper virtually worthless, then what? I have read a lot, the comparison between the 1930's stock market crash and what is going on today. I remember growing up hearing stories , from old timers , about the great depression. One type of story that always stuck with me was the stories of rich guys throwing themselves out the windows of ten story buildings. Today the story is a little different. The rich people are safe and protected by government bailouts while we the people are being thrown out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rene said...

Thats like asking who is gonna bail out GOD. Answer? all those faithful little guys behind the curtain. Guys like our post WW 2 colony of Japan and India and China. When they buy US or British bonds they make their governments look approved and valid to their own citizens. Small price to pay for controlling the mobs. Also Japan has from time to time run to Uncle Sam for a much needed bailout. Its the old wink and a nod routine. The question is when will enough be enough? I hope that question is not decide in the US supreme court!

Mulia said...

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