Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Iraq! GIVE ME OIL NOW! :By The Mental Pugilist

With the Presidential election looming just three months away, the nightly news coverage has been dominated by the various issues that America faces and the candidates stances on them. Energy is a huge problem that every American feels with four dollar a gallon gasoline. The economy and the U.S. dollar are second to none in importance to what we must overcome. One issue that effects all of the above topics that most politicians do not talk about is how much money we have spent in Iraq and how it contributes to the gutting of the U.S. dollar.

Let me tell you a little secret, You might think that all the wallstreet bailouts, government programs, or stimulus packages contribute the most to our national debt and the erosion of the dollar but you would be wrong! politicians can talk all day long about taxing oil companies on windfall profits or giving out more stimulus checks as a remedy to our economy. Do not listen, this all B.S. The single biggest drain on our economy is not the home mortgage mess either! The biggest drain is how much we have been spending for a war in Iraq! Ask your friends this questions and I bet no one would say the war.
We have been in Iraq for nearly fives years. The tax payers are spending 12.3 billion dollars a month to help the Iraq's construct and rebuild their country. One could argue the necessity of the invasion and spending for the future security of America. But, one can not argue with the newly released U.S. government Audit of Iraq's revenue!

Currently Iraq is racking in more oil revenue than you can shake a stick at! They are estimated to have an 80 billion dollar surplus! Whats that? We are footing the bill while they are swimming in a surplus of money. Whats that? We are reconstituting their economy for free while we at home pay $4 per gallon gasoline. Whats that? Inflation is on the rise in my country because we are growing our national debt while Iraq has been swimming in petro dollars! Is there something wrong here?
After reading the audit report , I think it is time to introduce a real energy plan. Candidates, feel free to use my plan. This plan would help solve many problems on many fronts and this plan does not involve inflating tires or drilling of the coast of California. America should demand that Iraq repay roughly one third of our monthly expenditures with barrels of oil. This would alleviate high energy prices that are killing the middle class. Dumping these barrels of oil into the U.S. market would dramatically reduce the price of gas in the short term. Why has no Presidential candidate talked about the reason we are paying another country to rebuild when they have government surpluses? It is Insane!

This is a great idea that we should implement for our cost of being in Iraq for five years! Besides wasn't it Ryan Crocker who said "Iraq's oil revenue will pay for rebuilding"!

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