Friday, August 22, 2008

"Short List" Just not mine!! By The Mental Pugilist!

This weekend, Barack Obama took another step toward becoming the next President of the United States, He did not choose Scary Hillary Clinton to be his Vice President! I am tickled pink at the aspect of watching a Democratic National Covention with a women scorned and all her followers trying to wreck havoic on the convention. Not to mention her husband, in recent weeks who could not bring himself, on national television, to say he believed Obama was ready to be president, is going to be a key note speaker.
There is even more juicy news that Hillary Clinton didn't even get a veeting! How funny!! My sources tell me that from day one , Michelle Obama , nixed the idea of Hillary or Bill ever being on the ticket.
For all the pundets out there that have been saying that Hillary would be a great choice, let me explain something. You really need to read some polling data. Hillary negatives, (Negatives= out of the people polled, they would not vote for this person under any cirumstances) where above fifty percent!! That means , if you choose her, you would already eliminate half of America from voting for you. Why would you do this to satisfy 10 percent of the blue hairs in the Democratic party? I would worry more about independence and Republicans who might vote for you instead of the Blue hairs living in Florida.
Joe Biden is a perfect pic for Obama. Senator Biden can thank Russia for his VP Pic! Joe Biden is an independent thinker and will bolster Obama's foreign policy and experience chops.
Grab you popcorn and get ready for the sparks to fly in Denver!! I can't wait to see Bill's bonny fingure or the hords of old women and effeminate males trying to out yell Obama Supporters and demanding That Hillary have a vote on the floor. Whats the over and under on what day will Bill Clinton have a blow up with the media? I say day 1!!

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