Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This day is a day that our country takes a pause to remember those who have answered the call of duty , past and present, and have payed the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The day carries extra significance when our country is at war. I never had the opportunity to meet my two grandfathers in person. Both had died during WWII and the Korean war. Both are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Growing up, I have vivid memories of honoring memorial day and how my father , who's dad was killed in Korea , would always break down and cry. I wasn't old enough to understand why he would always break down. Know that I am older, I have had the opportunity to research my grandfather and the circumstances surrounding his death and his ultimate sacrifice.
Growing up, I only herd of him in passing and with little detail. I researched him and found out he was a Sargent in the 32nd Infantry 7th Infantry Division. He was a tank commander. It struck me because he was only 26 when he was killed in action. I often think what bravery it must have taken to fight on foreign lands ,at such and young age, in honor of America and are way of life. I often think of what was I doing at 25-26? worrying about graduating college, or my final exams. Where I was going to have my next beer!
All the things I was worried about and my worries today seem really selfish compared to our soldiers of yesterday and the ones who fight and die today! It is true to say ones sacrifice for the greater good of ones country than for ones self is truly special! It represents something greater than I can describe in this blog. I hope on this memorial day all of use remember those men and women who serve and their sacrifices are remembered no matter what your political leanings are. To my grandfather, who I never meet, Second lieutenant Melvin Mahar , I pause to remember you today! He was wounded at Inchon landing and six months later returned to Korea where he payed the ultimate sacrifice! God bless the troops and God bless America!

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