Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I looked into his eyes and saw a stone cold killer" :By The Mental Pugilist!

By now, everyone in America has herd that Georgia has been invaded! No I don't mean Georgia the land of confederate flags and Copenhagen. I am talking about The Republic of Georgia, which is a strategic Baltic country located on the border of Russia. First things first, how did this whole mess start? It is been widely reported that Georgia went in to South Ossetia and started the war. While this fact is true, one that seems not to get much play in the media is that for weeks before the incursion, Georgia proper was being shelled constantly by Russians in South Ossetia.
Now let me ask you, Imagine you lived in Texas. For weeks on end, a group of Mexicans in Dallas have been planting bombs in buildings in Austin. Finally, The Texas Department of Public Safety and The Texas Rangers moved into Dallas and stopped the Mexican nationals. Would you be ok with the Mexican army arriving in Dallas claiming to be protecting its citizens. This is what is occurring in Georgia in a nutshell.
Russia's rise back to a supper power can be directly linked to its abundance of oil and natural gas. Europe relies on a Russian natural gas pipeline to supply the whole of Europe. They are notorious for using their energy monopoly to influence Europe and other Baltic states. America is a close ally of Georgia. They have helped them build a strategic natural gas and oil pipeline that would deny Russia's monopoly. You always hear that various wars are about oil, this one definitely is!
This is what shocks me. American defense officials had said that they where surprised by the swiftness of Russia's offensive. What? This doesn't make sense. For the past several years we have had military advisers and contract workers inside Georgia training their army. Also, for those of you who are unaware, The CIA has a large station inside The Republic of Georgia! Therefore , it is unfathomable to believe we where unaware of Russia massing troops on the border or that Georgia was going to go into South Ossetia. it appears this is a complicated game of chess between Russia and America where one of the rooks in this game might be Iran.

Operation Brimstone was just completed about a week ago. This was a joint exercise between America , France , and Germany. The exercise was a practice run at a naval blockade. Can you say Iran? Last week, The U.S. sent another two battle groups toward the Persian Gulf. They should have be arriving as we speak. This makes five strike groups, the largest naval armada since WWII! Do you think the breakout of hostilities in Georgia is just a coincidence?

I wonder if President Bush would like to take back his statements made about looking into Putin's eyes? Lets call a spade a spade. Putin is or was the head of the KGB. That alone makes him a stone cold killer. This is what makes me nervous. America is sending military troops into Georgia for "humanitarian purposes". This means two nuclear super powers will be swapping spit in a pond called The Black Sea! This should make everybody nervous! Remember , in the game of chess, you are willing to sacrifice some pawns in order to checkmate the Queen! I wonder who is the better chess player Bush or Putin?

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