Friday, April 25, 2008

Rev. Wright, Out of Context! What Context!!! By The Mental Pugilist

Please, for the love of God, can someone give Obama a whack hammer so he can put the jack in the box back in the box! The jack in the box , I am referring to, is his Pastor Jeremiah Wright. With the issue of him and his offensive remarks slowly dying down, Reverend Jeremiah Wright is back doing the elephant walk with the media. He is scheduled to appear on PBS tonight with Bill Moyers. In defense of his comments, the Democratic pundits keep saying " the comments where taken totally out of context. The media keeps playing five minute sound bites and that is not fair. " First of all, What the hell is the context then? I have never herd anyone explain that! In what possible context could you blame America for 9-11? What context could you say the U.S. government injected black people with the Aids virus? What context could you say God dam America?
Lets look at the context of Reverend Jeremiah Wright himself. He is a former U.S. Marine who is the product of the sixties and the civil rights movements. He grew up in a time when racism was rampant. On the surface, it seams his comments reflect that of his past experiences. But compare what he preaches in the church with how he lives today and it tells a different story. Rev. Wright is known to preach black values and too rise up against the evil white man! That's funny when you consider his church is building him a 1.4 million dollar home. Attached to this his home is a ten million dollar line of credit! Where would you think is new home is located? Maybe in the south side of Chicago among his flock. Maybe an affluent black neighborhood. Nope! Its is currently being constructed in a predominantly white neighborhood on an exclusive golf course!
I listened to the Moyers interview and he was asked about how he took the Obama speech about race in Philadelphia. He said " Barack is a Politician, he speaks to different people. I am a preacher and I speak to different people. He says what he has to say. " I think that maybe Reverend Wright needs to adjust his analogy. He seems more like a politician, Saying one thing in public and doing the opposite in his private life!!

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