Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama, Why are you so bitter? By The Mental Pugilist

Ahh politics, it can be a funny animal! The last week of the Democratic primary , in Pennsylvania, has provided many laughs, twist and turns. For those of you living in a cave in Tora Bora, Obama was tape recorded , during a San Francisco fundraiser, talking about the people in Pennsylvania clinging to guns and religion because of their economic situation. The uproar from the media has been loud ,but hasn't hurt Obama in the polls. The new debate is who is and elitist , Barrack or Hillary? That's like asking who took more steroids, Mark Aguirre or Barry Bonds? They both are elitist. What was really funny was seeing Hillary Clinton try to whack Obama on the head by constantly talking about his remarks on the campaign trail. Its really weird watching her , of all people, calling someone out for an elitist attitude towards Americans. Talk about calling the kettle black! I laughed when she even took it a step farther. Hillary was seen at a local Pennsylvania bar taking shots of whisky and drinking bear! I did a double take! How funny was that to see. Oh ya, she is know a chick who gets up at the break of dawn, puts on her toboggan cap and crawls into her duck blind to do some morning hunting. She said she is and avid hunter who loves chewing tobacco and ridding in her dually pickup truck!!
One thing for sure is that It is going to take the jaws of life to pry Hillary Clinton from the race. Pennsylvania might be her Alamo. Stay tuned for tonight's debate. It should be no holds bar. While Hillary and Barrack duke it out in the bloodsport of politics, The thing that really seems to come through is this. By calling each other elitist just re-enforces America's view of the Democratic party. Being one of the Elite! All this media coverage has McCain laughing all the way to the White House! I have an inside tip on tonight's debate! Barack Obama will take a hit from a bong , in order to one up Hillary's shot taking and beer drinking episode. This is to be done to show he is truly the common man!!!

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