Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bill Clinton linked to Chinese secret police: By The Mental Puglist!

Last week, Hillary Clinton called on the President of The United States to take a stand and boycott the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. She has taken a strong public stance against China and how it treats its people. China has been undertaking a brutal crackdown in Tibet , to try to stop the unrest in that region. China has a well known record of human rights violations and censorship. According to the World Press Freedom Organization, China has jailed 81 yahoo customers and dissidents for speaking out online against China. On the face of it, Hillary seems to have great cause in calling for a boycott. What she won't tell you is this.
Her public statement contradicts Bill's relationship with the company that has a key role in arresting people who speak out against the Chinese state. In 2005, Internet company Alibaba took over Yahoo China's operations. Alibaba works hand in hand with the Chinese police in identifying people who use Yahoo services to speak out. WPFO says " we know no yahoo works regularly and efficiently with the Chinese police. This is only the tip of the iceberg. " Bill Clinton was the key note speaker to a group of Internet executives in Hangzhou China. The event took place in September of 2005. Instead of taking his usual $100,000 - $600-000 fee, Alibaba agreed to private an undisclosed donation to his foundation. The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation has raised over 500 million dollars. Questions have arisen because the foundation continuously refuses to release who has donated and the various amounts. The Foundation has relied heavily on Influential foreign donors from the Middle east to China.
The lack of transparency is really disturbing because Hillary has repeatedly said she would use him as a roving ambassador! Can you see the conflict of interest that might arrive if he was to play an active role in the administration? This is exactly why you here the media make so much noise about candidates releasing there tax information. Specifically for this type of information. You do not want to elect someone who might be influenced by a foreign nation who has given them money and contributions of various sorts.
This is a great example of why it is important for the Clintons to provide prompt and complete disclosure of their sources of income! Not just their personal sources but, the Foundation as well! The Foundation has received millions of dollars from the Saudi royal family and different sheiks from the middle east. Sheiks from Qatar, Kuwait, United Emirates, and the governments of Taiwan and Brunei have made signifigant donations.
The donation from Alibabi undermines what his wife says in public about boycotting China. One reason I am glad that the Presidential race has been so long is that it has given the American people enough time to see the lies and character of the Hillary Rodham Clinton! She is two faced. She says one thing in public but does another in private that completely undermines what she is saying. Hillary tells blatant lies and only recants when caught. Does it ever end with them! Every week we learn more and more about the depth and depravity the will go to keep power!! The Clintons moral compass must face due south!! With each passing month, the clay mask of Hillary Clinton begins to crack showing us more and more. Each crack reveals a clearer picture. An ugly picture that shows a power hungry couple who will stop at nothing to run the White House again. Don't be fooled , do some research and take off the mask of Hillary! Maybe the next time Hillary calls for a boycott it shouldn't be against China, It should be against Bill!

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