Monday, April 7, 2008

D-Day Iran: By The Mental Pugilist

President Bush has roughly nine months left in office. Will he leave Iran to the next President?
Recent developments might indicate that war with Iran might be closer than the average American thinks! They key is to decipher sabre rattling from true intentions when reading stories coming out of the Middle East. Secretary Rice , President Bush, and Darth Vader (Chaney) have recently made trips to key allies in the region. Saturday , Secretary of Defense Robert Gates payed a visit to Oman. Oman is the site for many U.S. military bases. They would play a major role in any attack on Iran! Israel is on full alert expecting something to happen. This week, they are having public drills for missile and chemical attacks. The mourning period for Imad Mugniyah, hesbollah chief terrorist is over as well. After Darth Vader's trip ,last week to Saudi Arabia, their news services reported to their public to be prepared for the effects of any nuclear fallout. Similar reports where coming out of Egypt. General Petraeus is scheduled to testify this week in front of congress. He has blamed Iran for supplying the Mahdi Army in Basra. They are also supplying IEDs that are killing American Soldiers every day! Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria are on full alert and are expecting a conflict with Israel. President Bush meet with NATO allies and Russian President Putin last week. Surely Iran was discussed. Shall I go on? Last but not least, The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln departed its Washington port on March thirteenth. It is headed to the Persian Gulf.

All these facts seem to be coming to a crescendo point! What does the above mean? I firmly believe that there is no way Bush would leave office without doing something about Iran. He has said repeatedly on TV that he would not let Iran get the nuclear bomb! The recent surge has pored thousands of more troops into Iraq. Interesting isn't it that Petraeus is going to recommend a pause in troop reduction. Is this really to keep the number of troops in country for a necessary operation with Iran? These extra troops would allow the necessary strength to counter any attack from Iran inside Iraq. the rockets hitting the green zone are also blamed on Iran. One has to wonder , how long are military leaders are going let Iran kill American troops without answering for it? Washington's greatest fear is the crescent moon of Iran, rising over the whole region where there is over half of the worlds oil supply comes from! Put this fear together with the two Democratic Presidential nominees, Who might win the Presidency, who vow to pull the troops out. Troop pull out ,in the current administration minds, sees Iran taking control of the region. This is precisely why Bush and Vader will not let Iran go untouched while they are in office! People you got nine months!!!!!! Wake Up!!

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