Friday, April 18, 2008

ABC News Presidential Debate, What a Joke!, By The Mental Pugililst

Last Wednesday, ABC News hosted the last Democratic Presidential debate before the Pennsylvania primary. It was going to be one filled with drama and fireworks. With Hillary barley hanging on, I thought I would see high drama from the two candidates. Surprisingly, the drama wasn't from the candidates but the Moderators! One moderator in particular, George Stephanopoulos. While the talking heads of TV land continue to debate the relevancy and fairness of the questions, the real question should be, how could ABC even let Stephanopoulos be a moderator in the first place? For the record, the argument that ABC waisted the first forty five minutes with trivial questions about the flag pin, William Ayers, and Bosniagate is false. The candidates character and honesty plays an important role in the minds of Americans in who they vote for. The Amazing , seemingly overlooked aspect of the debate, was how many character questions Obama got compared to Clinton.
One needs to look no further than Stephanopoulos and the wisdom to include him in the debate. Debates are suppose to be unbiased and presented by moderators who do not have a dog in the fight. You may be asking , "what are you taking about"? Let me explain. Are little buddy George Stephanopoulos was Bill Clinton's Comunications director for his 1992 Presidential campaign. He was described as the utility infielder, with the broadest power of the campaign. He later served in Bill's White House staff. The only reason he even has an ABC job was because of the Clintons! Fast forward to the debate. When I looked up to see Stephanopoulos as one of the moderators, I knew the Clinton Machine had struck again! Stephanopoulos did not disappoint. At the beginning , a gave him the benefit of the doubt. I waited to see the line of questioning and how balanced they where toward both of the candidates. The principle character subjects where directed at Obama and only one hard question to Clinton's Character, Bosnia! One issue was Obama's relationship to William Ayers. Ayers was part of The Weather Underground terrorist group who bombed the Pentagon in the sixties. Obama gave a great ender by pointing out Bill pardoned two of them in his last days of his presidency. Why didn't ABC ask Hillary about her terrorist ties?
Hillary has more direct ties to terrorist than Obama, but ABC choose to ignore it. In the late 80's , she was Chairman of The New world Foundation. This was a radical left wing group that gave funding and grants to organizations. She oversaw a $15,000 grant to an organization called Grassroots International. They funded two groups who had close ties with the PLO! Muslim activist Abdurahman Alamoudi gave money and had fundraisers on behalf of Hillary's 2000 senate campaign. When he openly said "we all support Hamas" she tried to distance herself! Stephanopoulos seemed hell bent on asking about Ayers but no word about Clinton. This is only one example of how someone who has a close ties with a participant can steer the theme of the debate. How could you expect Stephanopoulos to be fair and balanced? What was ABC thinking putting that little hobbit even on the debate?
I want everyone to close there eyes and think of this scenario. Two unknown candidates are going to be on a Democratic debate airing on ABC. It might be the last debate and its very important that both candidates come out looking good. Slowly open your eyes as the lights in the studio began to turn on showing the candidates standing behind their podiums. The camera pans to the moderators. You see on one side , the nightly news anchor Charles Gibson with his glasses hanging low on his nose. The camera panes left and you see the other moderator, KARL ROVE with his notes in front of him! Would this fly!!! Nether should this! ABC should fire Stephanopoulos or have him as a beat writer for that American soccer league, not as a objective journalist!!!! What a joke!!!!

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