Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The power grab has begun! This week the Treasury Secretary ,Henry Paulson, laid out plans to give The Federal reserves unprecedented power of the U.S. financial markets. The changes in regulating powers would be the greatest since The Great Depression of the 1930's. What many people don't realize is the problem is not in the regulation of the financial markets, its the money supply.
Who is in charge of the printing and circulating the U.S. dollar? None other than The Federal Reserve! It is unbelievable that so many Americans are so ill informed about the dollar and The Federal Reserve!! The problem in are economy and the artificial bubbles it creates (housing, dotcom) and then collapses is directly linked to the manipulation of how many dollars are in circulation.
Have you seen how much our dollar is worth? forty cents = 1 Euro!!! With every interest rate cut , the dollar weakens. You will never here the media or a Presidential politician talk about the tanking U.S. dollar. Recently I was watching C-span. Janet Perino, the Presidents Media Secretary, was giving a press briefing on the U.S. economy. One reporter asked about the devaluation of the U.S. dollar vs the Euro. She paused a moment , and said I cant answer that or I will be fired. I nearly dropped my fork!! Did she really just say that!! She did!

The Federal reserve has the ability to print money out of thin air ,creates enormous inflation, and devalues the greenback. The Fed has no oversight from any federal agency. It is privately owned. Yet we let the manipulation of are currency continue. It is like it is purposely being done. The purpose to destroy America and bring in the Amero!
The cherry on top is all these companies that are getting bailed out (Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers) on behest of the Treasury and The Federal Reserve, has one of their own at the top. The Treasury Secretary is Henry Paulson! He is an Ex.Goldman Sachs CEO!!!!. Its like the Mafia! You put your key lieutenants in strategic places!
Every time the government bails out a company, the fed prints more money out of thin air. This puts more money in circulation which cause the dollar to loose value!

Next time McCain , Barack or Hillary visit your city for a town meeting quietly raise your hand.
Politely ask " how do you feel about how we let a private company print money out of thin air which causes the collapse of our dollar with no government oversight what so ever. How do you feel that are U.S. dollar is only worth forty cents to the Euro and who , in your opinion is to blame for the collapsing dollar ?" Don't be surprised if you are promptly grabbed ,by the arm, and led out by the secret service for asking such a question. TRY IT, I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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