Saturday, April 5, 2008

NO MORE BOOMERS!! By The Mental Pugilist

The Democratic Presidential race has its eyes squarely set on the state of Pennsylvania. Obama is looking for the knock out blow in a state dominated by the white hard hat wearing voters! I don't know of any other sport , than bowling , that would cater to the lunch pale caring crowd. I wonder if Barack goes to Texas will he play some soccer with the day laborers, or in Arizona a game of golf?

Hillary ,on the other hand , was at it again. She was caught in another lie. Hillary Clinton has been telling ,on the campaign trail, about a pregnant woman in Ohio that supposedly died because she was refused care at a hospital due to being uninsured. The hospital has came out and refuted the story. Whoops! Does it ever end with her?
Having taken in the ups and downs of the primary season, one thought has really stuck with me. No more baby boomers for President. How can anyone want sixteen more years of a Clinton or a Bush in the White house!! I can hear the collective barf bags opening if one of these boomers makes it to our nations highest office. America needs a new generation of leaders. I believe I found the root cause in the behavior of these power hungry politicians who refuse the changing of the guard. They all grew of age in the sixties!! What was happening that shaped them so? Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! They suffer from taking to many hits of acid and LSD while holding a complete strangers hand singing combia!! Have you ever thought Ted Kennedy , John Kerry , Bill and Hillary are kind of wacky? Look no further than the age of free love and mind altering experiences. They where all products of this generation. Maybe that is what is wrong with this country! We got a bunch of leaders that shouldn't have taken that last hit!!!!!

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Gorilla Bananas said...

If were American and human, which I'm glad I'm not, I would vote for Ray "Possum Eater" Ironbutt of the Mad Coyote Party.