Thursday, May 8, 2008

When will the pants suit sing!! By The Mental Pugilist

Last Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina proved that Hillary has no traction! The primaries where held after she claimed a resounding victory in Pennsylvania. Not so much! Hillary proclaimed that her campaign was resurrected and vowed to fight on. Barack summarily discarded Hillary in North Carolina with a thirteen point victory. In Indiana, she narrowly held on to the victory. Barack Obama now holds a delegate lead that any saine person can see is insurmountable but, then again we are dealing with the Clinton's! I prayed for Barack to win both states in order for me to be spared the images of Bill putting his leg up on a bench and lecturing us on how great the nineties where. Or having to see Hillary read a top ten list on the Letterman show with her fake joker smile. Or seeing Chelsea at another gay bar being swooned by buff boys in assless chaps!! But the race goes on.
When will Hillary hang up her pants suit? I think you might have to order the jaws of life to pry her and Bill away from the power grab they seek. They are willing to burn every bridge down in order to secure the nomination that is rightfully theirs! Right! The big reason she is staying in is that if she dropped out know , she would be personally responsible for all her campaign debt. She won't stand for that! She will hold on until the convention in order for the Democratic party to pick up the bill for her lackluster campaign.
Hillary's strategy is one that will not work and will divide the party even more. She keeps whispering in the ears of super delegates "Obama is unelectable because he is black!" Hillary says it in the delicate wording of how well she does with middle to lower class whites! This strategy will not only fail but, will make people in the Democratic party wish Hillary and Bill where just a bad dream. The Democrats will pray the two headed monster won't raise its ugly head for the 2012 Presidential race.
One thing I have learned from the campaign is that Hillary Clinton and George Bush have one thing in common. They both do not have an exit strategy!!!

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