Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush "Appeasment", Well where in the world is Bin Laden?

During President Bush's recent visit to Israel, he made a speech in front of the Kisnet. The Kisnet is Israel's equivalent to our congress. During the speech he said " some people act as if we can talk to rogue leaders and make a cleaver argument that would change their minds" He evoked the images of Hitler's tanks rolling into Poland and a American congressman who stated that if he only had a chance to talk to Hitler, war could have been avoided. Bush later went one to tell the Kisnet that historically appeasement has never worked. The media picked up on his statements as referring to Barack Obama's admission that he would talk to the president of Iran directly. The following week ensued and I watched the various political talking heads debate the meaning of Bush's statements and the positives and negatives of Obama's approach to direct talks with our enemies compared to the current approach of little or no talk. On Sunday morning, I saw Richard Angle interview Bush about his statements in Israel. Angle asked him about his comments and if they where directed at Obama? President Bush responded by stating that his views haven't changed but, the political season has! He went on to explain that we need to fight terrorism aggressively an bring them to justice. He leaned forward and told Angle that the people who killed 3,000 Americans on 911 could not be reasoned with. I thought about it for a moment and have these questions for my fellow Americans to ponder, especially in light of the war in Iraq and the upcoming election.
Where do we stand right know since 911? Are we any closer to defeating this so called Al Qaida? Are we any closer to capturing or killing OBL? Did Osama Bin Laden die in 2001 as Benizer Bhutto claimed in an interview with David frost just before her assassination. If so, why are there still tapes of him coming out threatening America? Who benefits from keeping him alive? What does Iraq have to do with the people who brought the most devastating terrorist attack ,in our nations history, to our shores? Why does the current Administration say in the same breath that we must continue the fight and bring these people to justice but are so nonchalant with the hunt for OBL? Who is making these OBL tapes? Why? Are we as Americans to believe that the most sophisticated army ever none to man can not capture one Person because of his location in a remote third world country. Are we to believe that the worlds most advanced military is being held back by a third world country from going into there land and bringing out OBL because of political sensitivities? Are we that stupid?

So what in the world is going on? No one seems to want to answer the above questions. When I hear Bush , who I voted for twice, pop off about there is no way we can negotiate with these rogue regimes, I want to yell at my TV " your way sure has not worked!" We are at the same spot as we where on September 12th, 2001!!!! No trials! No one has been brought to justice!
What I do like to hear from Barack Obama is that if we have actionable intelligence on the where abouts of OBL, he would not hesitate to send our troops in to Pakistan or any other country he is hiding in and bring him out.
Upon reflection, It makes me think that someone inside our government is using The Boogie man and the threat of terrorism to drain our country of treasury and blood! For what purpose?
I am not sure! If we where truly trying to defeat terrorism we would have invaded Iran not Iraq! Hint: watch the BBC documentary "The Power of Nightmares"!

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