Monday, May 12, 2008

O'Reilly doens't get Hillary's racism tactic! By The Mental Pugilist

Bill O'Reilly, the wiley late night talk show pundit, does not seem to get the not so subtle ploy Hillary Clinton is using to ensure her nominee as the Democratic race heats up. Over the weekend, she stated that she has more support from the working class white voters than Barack. This statement was analyzed by many pundits over the weekend including Mr. O'Reilly.
First off, let me say I am a fan of O'Reilly and regularly watch his show. This one he got wrong! His argument was that Hillary was only stating a mere fact. How can a statement of fact be considered racism? Mr. O'Reilly is right that this statement might be a fact but, he fails to realize you need to look at the context in which this and other statements have been made.
Barack Obama won by double digits in North Carolina which sealed Hillary's fate. Mathematically she can not catch him in the delegate count. The only way she can win is to convince super delegates that she is more electable than Barack in the general election. Now take her remarks in this context above. Why would she mention "whites" in her statements? The AP article didn't. They characteristics of her supporters have no bearing on the public who are voting in the primaries because mathematically it is already over. So who where these statements for? The super delegates! She sees , in her demented mind, that the only path to her nomination is to plant a seed of doubt in the super delegates minds that in the general election working class whites will not vote for Barack. While she doesn't come out and say why, you get the inference. It is because he is black. Hillary is probably not a racist but, is using this fear to try to win the nomination. It is well documented that she will stop at nothing in order to have her pointy shoes in the white house. It is pretty shameful tactic that all Americans should be mad about. She is willing to fracture the Democratic party in half to ensure her pants suit lives on.
Mr. O'Reilly keeps saying he doesn't think quoting and AP story or stating a fact can be considered racism. Bill Clinton tried the same tactic in South Carolina reminding voters that Jessie Jackson won the state years ago. While his statement might be true, it has underlying effect of diminishing Barack's win in the state and plants doubts about Barack Obama's electability to the super delegates.
Mr. O'Reilly let me help you out. If you where a coach and you had a choice to pick one of two teams to coach in a tournament. You knew nothing about each team. The tournament organizer informed you that team B consisted of all black players and team A did not. Would that be a racist statement? It might be a fact but the back handed implication is that the team with all the black players where better players. They would have a better chance at winning! Its the same thing. Why would the tournament organizer even have to mention race? Its the same tactic the Clintons are using.
You really shoudn't be suprised coming from Hillary Clinton. Ask the people in upstate New York!

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