Monday, March 17, 2008

Did Rev. Jeremiah Wright Sink The U.S.S. Obama?

By now everyone has seen or heard of the crazy sermons from the crazy Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The more important question to ponder is has this man doomed this nations first black presidential candidate 's chances? I have pondered this question over the weekend and it is interesting how Barack and the media have handled it. The story was broke on Bill O'rielly 's show, with more to come from ABC's Bryan Ross , On the fallowing evening news cast. I watched the videos and was sad to see a man of the cloth having so much hatred toward America. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been Obama's pastor for more than twenty years and credits his book title to one of his speeches. Barack quickly condemned his remarks and said they where not his beliefs. Fair enough, I give him the benefit of the doubt, until you examine how this effects his belief system and his political aspirations. His campaign message has been one of unity and the coming together of every American from all walks of life. There in lies the problem. The sermons show how bad of an American hater Rev. Jeremiah Wright really is. The reverends comments are fine by me. The are the business of the Rev and his flock, but one of his flock is Barack! I use to think Barack was really a unit er and a different politician. One who I saw as representing a changing of the guard from theses boomer idiots, who smoked to much weed in the sixties, to one of my generation who is sick and tired of left and right labels and the people who make money off of it (books , talkradio) throwing bombs at each other! Its hard to believe Obama never new how Rev. Jeremiah Wright felt about America. He brought him to Christ, married him and Michelle, and baptised there kids. If I had herd those sermons in church, I would have had a hard time sitting in the pews or being a member. Maybe he didn't know or he has never herd these sermons. You will have to be the judge on how that weights on his presidential credentials. I think asking these questions about his relationship with his pastor are legitimate ones to ask.
Its really funny to watch , over the weekend , how every Democratic operative on every media outlet spun this one!! People don't be fooled. I heard all of them reference pastor Hage and John Mcain's relationshp, or George Bush making a speech at a college who once excluded black people. This method is called a redirect. It attempts to take focus of the issue and direct it onto someone else. It Makes these pinheads look like complete idiots.
What should Barack do? So far he has handled it correctly but is it enough? He should have really gotten ahead of this at the beginning of his campaign before it snowballed!

I really makes me wonder how he really feels. Is he a typical politician spinning to cover his tracks or did he trully not know ? Are these sermons abberations that he never herd? You will have to judge. But, It makes my wonder because what his wife has said that she was only recently proud of America! On the other and it makes me think he has never herd these remarks because surly the people in his campaign would not have let Rev. Jeremiah Wright be part of the campaign!
Barack Obama could easily end this controversy by doing one thing. He should appear on Fox's Bill Oreilly's show. This would provide two things. one , it would show the middle and right voters that these beliefs truly are not his, because his comments on loony left media outlets like MSNBC ABC, or CNN are just not believable. They have obvious biases and is just not enough for typical Americans to belief from the likes of Oberman and Anderson cooper. Two, It would make it impossible for Hilary to capitalize on it because she would have to come on "The No Spin Zone" and answer here own questions on here refusal to release taxes and her sealed record as first lady that she sow heavily relies on for her stupid unbelievable claim of 35 years of experience!!!!!!!!

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