Monday, March 24, 2008


I will not waste your time going into dissecting Barack's speech on race or his relationship with his charming pastor. There are analysis of this all over the net these days. This weekend , I had time to ingest the issue and all the talking heads that have chimed in on it. What struck me was how much he reminded me of Jesse Jackson with a masters degree. His speech was brilliant and really seamed to cater to the intellectual elite and not the common man. He points out the complexity of the race issue in America and how it relates to his own unique upbringing. Barack really has defined his candidacy as a new politician who is true uniter. His background (white mom, black dad) is the backdrop that is used to highlight his ability to bring all Americans together for the common good of The United States. But, I think the common man out there still has a problem digesting what is up with him. On one hand he gives great speeches about being a new kind of politician but, at the same time, he attends a church the seems to be sending disturbing messages to there congregation. If you ever wondered why so many young black Americans are so angry at "whitey" look no further than the church.
One has two wonder what type of influence it has on you sitting through twenty years of sermons that are so Anti -American and has a you against us mentality. Or what type of judgment does Barack have for never leaving the church. Before you dismiss me as a typical white blogger who "doesn't understand" , I am not white. I am a proud son of an immigrant mom and a white dad.
I couldn't shake the feeling how much Obama reminded me of a Intellectual Jesse Jackson starter kit! He obviously used the church in the south side of Chicago to reaffirm his blackness and I am sure it helped him win his Illinois senate seat. It feels like in the media he is distancing himself from Rev. Wright to ,appease the white vote, while sitting in church , winking at his pastor and congregates, holding up his right hand saying "right on Brother"! Just like Jesse has exploited the race card for his own personal gain. The difference is Jesse uses street tactics and Barack uses liberal white guilt and the wink wink of an eye to the south side of Chicago.

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JaaJoe said...

Sean Hannity is a Hypocrite! I recently found this article - The SEAN HANNITY AND LAURA INGRAHAM HYPOCRISY.
Very Interesting take on the Right's attack on Obama and his Reverend.