Friday, March 28, 2008


Hey did you here that Pinocchio is in a heated contest for the Democratic nominee for President? No its not Barack Obama its Hillary Clinton. In recent days Bosniagate has been an embarrassing lie in which Hillary claimed to have landed in Bosnia under a hail of bullets with here daughter by her side. When she got of the plane, she was seen running to here car while shooting an M-16 in the air to draw the sniper fire in order for Chelsea to escape safely!! To bad this is not true , but a tall tale showing her own insecurities. We could except that she misspoke , as she claims, but she commented on the same story three times! She only admitted to misspeaking when she was caught in a lie. The lie was exposed by the airing of the video showing a different story. One misstatement I could except , but this is not the first time the first lady has lied. examine the record.

A week after 9/11, she told the morning show Chelsea just missed being in harms way of the twin towers by ducking into a coffee shop while jogging around the WTCs. total lie, Chelsea later told talk magazine she was asleep at a friends apartment. When she got a call to turn on the TV to watch what was unfolding. Then there is the story of her high school soccer team. Hillary was at a forum on race relations when she recounted a story of knowing what discrimination was like. she said a goalie ,from an apposing team, said she hated her. she asked " why , you don't know me". To bad when she attended the school, they did not have a women's soccer team. And finally , my favorite. She explained to reporters that she was named for the famous Sir Edmund Hillary, who climbed Mt. Everest. To bad he didn't do this until two years after she was born. Can you say pattern!

What does this say about her character? Why does she tell so many little white lies? Why is she so insecure? How can anyone trust her? Instead of holding out a bony finger and lying directly two us , she just uses a straight face , and lies. Whats more scarier!

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