Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why Hillary has the hispanic vote!! : By The Mental Pugilist

An interesting thing happened to me over the Easter weekend. I was in San Antonio visiting family. We mostly sat around visited with each other and kicked around hot topics of the last couple of weeks. The presidential race between Barack and Hillary was of particular interest.
The talk focused on different aspects of the campaign and the different negative issues that seem to stick to each candidate. Rev. Jeremiah Wright , and the relationship he has with Barack Obama , was on the top of the list. I said "I couldn't believe how racist and anti American the church was and what did that say about Barack. One of my mom's friends brought up a very interesting point on the whole race issue and how it relates to the campaign. I often wondered why Hillary always seemed to get most of the Hispanic votes instead of Barack. Why is that? She has done nothing of particular interest to champion the Hispanic vote. What is it that allowes a sixty year old white women , from and elitist background, to carry so much weight with the Latino? I got my answer. My mom's friend had just returned from a trip to Miami where she was born and raised. She is a forty something Cuban who has lived there all her life. Her parents immigrated from Cuba. Over her trip to Miami, she saw lots of friends and family. The discussed the presidential race. She asked me "why do you think many Hispanics will not vote for Barack, not matter what"? I don't know I replied. She informed me that there is a great proportion of the Hispanic population , that is never talked about, that hate blacks!
Being Hispanic myself, this didn't suprise me. Let me make it clear this is not my view! Growing up , I remember hearing racial slurs from my older Hispanic relatives. I have also herd this in various places as well. I am not sure why this is. Maybe its a culture difference.
Maybe the real race debate shouldn't center around blacks and whites but Hispanics and blacks. Why does the media and various news outlets ignore this. They constantly focus on black and white. Maybe they should focus on brown and black! I know this is one of the reasons, rarely whispered by political pundits , why Hillary carries the brown vote. Look what happened in Texas! Enough said!

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