Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The U.S. ECONOMY: Would you give a cocaine addict a line of cocaine the night before rehab, so he could make it throught the night?

How come none of the presidential candidates ,nor the media , talk about the most important underlying economic crisis facing America today. The crash of the U.S. dollar. How come no one is addressing this? Every time the economic crisis is discussed , all you hear is abut the economic stimulus package that offers $500 to $600 dollar rebates yada yada!! When the real crisis is how we let the Federal Reserve create money out of thin air, loan it to the our government and attach interest to every dollar that we as tax payers have to pay back. This represents our enormous debt. These so called stimulus packages are feeding into the bad spending and lending practices of citizens. Why in the hell should anyone who has bought a house they couldn't afford be bailed out? Right know , 1$ = 1.46Euro! That is terrible.
Instead of talking about stimulus packages, we need to talk about cutting spending and not these short term lines of coke! The government needs rehab! Are my fellow Americans that stupid to see the dollar crash or are they an addict. We need to reign in spending and shore up our dollar by eliminating the federal reserve and going back to the gold standard. Every time the Feds cuts interest rates it causes the dollar to loose even more value. How come no seems to talk about that? Every time the Feds print money, there is more circulation, which gives rise to inflation. Every time the interest rates are slashed, people have this warm and fuzzy feeling. What cutting the rate does is it makes foreign investors invest in other countries because of their higher interest rates!!! wake up people. Look at the big picture. This crap of economic stimulus packages is only delaying rehab!!!!!!!!

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