Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally a bailout we can all agree on!! By The Mental Pugilist

I just wanted to say wow, what a miraculous piece of flying! Captain Chelsey B Sullenberger should get the Congressional Medal of Honor. On a day that President Bush gave a speech on the last eight years of a disasterous presidency, This accident is something every American can be proud of. With all the bailouts being pushed on the American people, everyone can agree this bailout was spectacular! Imagine only having seconds to decide the fate of one hundered and fifty five people, with no engines and no place to land with out killing scores of people on the ground.
It was amazing how this heroic pilot and crew acted in such a way they did. The miracle was that the pilot was able to do something that has never happened in comerical aviation history. Land a plane ,intacked, in the middle of the Hudson River. Hats off to all the fairy boat drivers as well. We all should be proud of this bailout in the age of the federal reserve and their bailouts that pin millions of dollars on the backs of generations of Americans!

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